How to Report Dead/Offline Download Links

Before reporting ANYTHING, ask yourself the following:

  • Are ALL the download links offline/dead? If not, don't report it.
  • Is the topic a single or preview of an album that has since been posted on the site? If so, don't report it. We do not re-upload singles that are already included in the album. Download the album to get a single track.


After answering those questions, you may proceed to report the topic for offline/dead links:


Step 1

Visit the topic with the offline links. In the top right of the original post's container, click on "Report post"


Step 2

In the pop-up dialog, enter in why you are reporting the topic. A simple "Links down." works. If there is something else wrong with the download (i.e. corrupt archive, encoding error, missing files, etc.) please specify this here as well.


Step 3

Hit "Submit Report." All done! Staff will be notified and will get to work on re-uploading the file. Please do not "bump" reports by sending another report. If we haven't re-uploaded the file, it could mean either we do not have it anymore, or we are in the process of getting it re-uploaded. Additionally, you will NOT be notified when the file has been re-uploaded. It's on you to check back to see if we've re-uploaded the file. Most reports are completed within 48 hours by our staff.

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