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  2. Ugh! so fucking good! This is some quality shit right here folks! 14/7
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  4. My only complaint is that there are no heaviness in the instruments, it feels so flat. It's alright though.
  5. This is SICK! Holy fuck that end breakdown is nuts.
  6. Links are d.o.w.n. Any chance they can be re-uploaded?
  7. Mni Mini's. No where the length of The Discovery, even with two put together. Still other bands done two parters, and still with both put together is smaller than any other band doing this. They should've just kept all of them singles, then made a big LP.
  8. it's in two parts not sure when the next part is coming out though
  9. There EP's are longer than this LP, LOL! So why isn't this an EP? There shortest album altogether.
  10. Mehhh. I don't think there was a need for this. Also; I'm surprised a DGD track has so few comments. 🤷
  11. Anyone got any word on the second and third singles from the new Fit For An Autopsy album? Going off of iTunes, it looks like they’re called “The Sea of Tragic Beasts” (title track) and “Shepherd.” Really excited to hear those.
  12. Pretty decent. Only criticism is I wish the unclean vox had more highs and lows instead of a more neutral style most of the time. 8.5/10
  13. With that font I thought it said Sharts in Your Mouth
  14. I fucking love this. Totally reminds me of Slaves but just a little heavier.
  15. This is terrible. Everything about this feels excruciatingly forced.
  16. Shit, I wouldn't mind a whole album of this containing a variety of their discog.
  17. swing and a miss. I was kinda excited for this album but it's not very good at all except for the cover imo
  18. I totally agree. Considering the title came from this song and how anthemic and fantastically created it is, I wish it was on the album, but regardless... I'm SOOOOOO effing exciting for the new album.
  19. I heard Bobby Shmurda was supposed to have a feature on this. Unfortunately they couldn't do the on-the-phone feature thing that 6ix9ine did.
  20. Really looking forward to this. Meridional is still my favorite release, absolutely love that album. Probably because it reminds me of The Bled (who I adore).
  21. Album art looks like something you would find on a Japanese food label
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