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  2. Yo is correct. This is good and exactly what I would expect from them.
  3. clicking on the "Physicals" link in the OP brings up a discogs page for the VHS with this description: A limited edition bundle: BALLADS 1 logo tee and a VHS tape of found footage and snippets of unreleased Joji music. VHS tape running time is 9 minutes 33 seconds which includes three snippets of unreleased music and camcorder footage from Joji, during the recording process of BALLADS 1.
  4. It's named after her because its her musical project lmfao. She used to have fill-in musicians if I remember correctly, but now Sahaj has taken over vocals officially. I'm unsure about the other members of the band currently, tho.
  5. sounds like a mix of their metal and pop punk stuff, not bad. the album cover sucks tho.
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  7. Like this a lot. The solo is pretty badass
  8. I dig it. It's got the riffyness of the DTLI and the overall metal feel of chuck & 13 voices. I'm pretty meh on the chorus but overall I'll take this single as a good sign. I like it more than anything off their last album
  9. you could crop any part of that art and it would look ridiculous
  10. I enjoy it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's not game changing but it's a pretty solid current year Sum 41 song.
  11. Sounds exactly like somethimg from 13 voices. Pretty disappointing single
  12. yeah pretty much, The Sums of yore are gone I guess.
  14. Leaked Release - April 24th, 2019 Genre - Pop-Punk Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR **New album Order in Decline out July 19th** Tracklist: 1. Out For Blood Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  15. Yesterday
  16. Their harder stuff is their best stuff by far. Calling all Crows, Time Keeps Running, Goodbye Soul are the best tracks on here by a mile. Demons > This >>>>>>> The rest of their disco
  17. Only because of this I even clicked on the video. I loved RA
  18. Correct Facebook link:
  19. Release - April 19th, 2019 Genre - Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Let It Burn (01:49) 2. Cut the Cord (02:01) 3. Wolf Hunt (02:05) 4. Cold Hearts Don't Bleed (02:41) 5. Abandon Ship (01:34) 6. Trust Issues (02:29) 7. Focus (01:16) 8. Ready to Die (01:59) 9. Destroy (01:47) 10. Close to the Edge (01:01) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  20. This is a retro inspired song done right, the best one she released so far.
  21. download now. a ver que tal esta esta banda ya que no la he escuchado
  22. ok.. download now its new version... .. thank you!!
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