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  2. this would be great if not for all the cringe
  3. Release - July 19, 2019 Genre - Math Rock, Post-Rock, Jazz Fusion, Instrumental Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. District of Baddies (7:44) 02. Boyfriend in the Sky (3:17) 03. Lactic Tang (5:09) 04. Life in Half Time (4:30) 05. Helical (1:24) 06. Expert Hygiene (4:24) 07. Kalite Quest (3:55) 08. Bronntanasaurus (6:44) 09. Nvymr (3:04) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. Save the cover art from this post. If you have mp3tag, remove the current one and upload this one in its place. If you don’t have that, put it into iTunes, get album info, remove the corrupted artwork and upload the one you saved from right here. Should work. That’s what I’ve been doing. GL
  5. I don't know how people aren't hearing it. I definitely know what you mean.
  6. i'm actually really happy with this. is it perfect? no obviously not. but it's fun, it's bouncy, it's what we expected her to put out. it's nice to see how hard she worked to make this. she obviously just wanted to have fun on this record and i think it shows. people are still gonna be on the 2014 hate train for her, but give it a chance. if you like fun, happy, "twerk"-y rap, this is for you.
  7. Like I said before it was mainly due to the theatrics in the cleans
  8. If they work more with the symphonic aspect of their sound, they might actually turn up good. But right now this is just boring. Also sounds nothing like INK.
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  10. Oh shit your right! Either way this is still great stuff.
  11. You are thinking about Shark Infested Daughters
  12. I mean in terms of the theatrics in the cleans and whatnot it does
  13. I didn't keep up with what happened, did one member kick a bunch out or something?
  14. Such a good, fresh, new band and an on an incredible Louisville label! Always brought such good intensity live. Hope they play LDB fest next year.
  15. So many PHC bands sound like this now and days. It's not bad, just not very memorable
  16. I knew I didn't like this as soon as I saw their logo
  17. its okay, i don't think this track was the best choice for an acoustic version though, if i could've chosen i would've probably went with Gospel Burnout, or Care. i would've also included Mess.
  18. this is way too metal to be called melodic hardcore
  19. Wasn't a fan of theirs before Departure Songs, In my opinion they are much better as an instrumental band. DS was and still is a beautiful album. Towers is lovely, I'm looking forward to their new album!
  20. I don't ride bikes but if I did and I had to lay it down this is what my internal dialogue would probably sound like while skidding across the pavement
  21. This seems to be another one with the corrupted cover art, anyone have a fix for that by any chance? I've tried a variety of tag editors with no luck.
  22. I think your comment is the most disliked I have ever seen in this site lol I'm always late for the party but shit this album is incredible, I'm listening to it while typing this posts and it's incredible. Way better than the last one. WAY better.
  23. oof, this is definitely for fans of Thy Art Is Murder!!
  24. Missionary style metalcore? I think this is pretty fresh for this genre...but I can be the only one, I like how it can be heavy as fuck, filthy but melodic and soothing at the same time
  25. not the sort of music I'm into, but really well done regardless.
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