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  3. The EP completely slays, this band is genius
  4. Bought every track in FLAC and looking forward to Bleach Bath releasing. They said on Instagram they wouldn't release the final track or video for a few weeks despite people getting this EP in the mail and hoped no one would release it or talk about. Not sure why especially since the EPs were delayed. Solid EP though, constantly on repeat.
  5. I think its just cause they are EPs if they put out an album it will have an actual title and whatnot
  6. Thanks so much! I'm writing a review for it but I'm confused as to why it has the same title as their 2017 EP. I'm reticent to add it to the database as is.
  7. Are y’all happy now!? Damn lol.
  8. Release - May 20th, 2019 Genre - Progressive Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Perennial 2. Electric Cross 3. Trust Fall 4. Belcarra 5. Bleach Bath Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  9. All the other singles are on the site already though? I guess I will upload it
  10. Yeah, someone please compile all 5 songs. Also, this is considered officially out, right? Is it just titled 'The Singles Collection' or 'Sb'?
  11. Listen to the chorus of letters to god by boxcar racer then listen to this chrous. Love the song tho. I wont lie, i wont sin, maybe i dont wanna go. Cant you wait, maybe i dont wanna go.
  12. The fact that they're all compiled into a single .zip/.rar file makes it a lot whole lot less tedious to play all at once. It also makes archiving and organization a lot cleaner.
  13. Honestly, when the writers are such sellouts that the main character's actors had emotional/mental breakdowns from reading how they wrote the character they've portrayed for a decade in just 6 episodes that's a problem for me. Such a shame. We deserved better as viewers, and the actors and crew deserved better for their passion and hard work.
  14. come on Kud, drop this shit and bring back Mudvayne.
  15. Great track, thanks for posting bro!
  16. Even though they’ve all been uploaded here before?? Lol
  17. Yesterday
  18. The Queen is back in all her elegancy !
  19. You know... I bet a lot of people on here would love a CD rip of all five of those songs.
  20. Sounds like your crowds just suck lmao, there's always insane energy when they play here
  21. XD can't wait to hear this!!! Thank you!
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