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  2. Origin fucking RIPS. I think this is a great sophomore effort from the metal core boys. It doesn't leave the same impact that TPIFS left with me but I think that has to do with the current scene. This album feels like it'll be a grower in the community. Lots of interesting little bits that weren't present in TPIFS. It's like they took ILTDI and put it on crack hahaha
  3. Wow, I really love the direction that they've taken. Has The Mars Volta vibes. Can't wait for the album!
  4. Incredible album with tons of diversity. If you can't get on bored with the melody and cleans, go listen to ABR. On the other hand I side with those upset about Poverty of Self / Second Skin; if it were me I'd do the identical album release layout but save PoS. I feel like singles should be reflective of the album as a whole, and this album is definitely more geared towards those preferred AFTW and Monters. Still 10/10.
  5. Was not expecting this to be such a jam. Not really into trap but this is great!
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  7. Album is close to what burning in hell feels like. Love it, and that last track is definitely my favorite.
  8. Architects ambient mixed with Northlane bounce turned up a notch. Love it!
  9. In love. Very emotional record. For sure It will be in my AOTY list.
  10. These guys are very solid, without a doubt. And very underrated. For me, it must be something personal, because I've never seem to connect or enjoy their music as much as I should do (Yes, I am pretty retarded) Let's see how this album feels.
  11. Never really listened to these guys before but will definitely give this a bit of my time. Stoked.
  12. The single artwork is better than the album artwork also
  13. Whole thing is so good, but I honestly cannot get enough of Absence. Think it's the best track on the entire album.
  14. Pretty good actually. Exotype was better tho
  15. More varied that the singles made me think it would be. I don't think it beats out TPIFS or the EP but it's closer than I thought it would be. I prefer the melodic stuff, so tracks like Kill The Ache really hit the sweet spot for me. Second Skin held on to the best chorus, I think. That thing just soars. Overall my first impression is positive and it will almost certainly grow with repeat listens. I was ready to be disappointed so this is a relief.
  16. Loving this. I've only heard about 3 tracks from it but I'm pumped to give it a full listen. Some chaotic shit for sure.
  17. Its not that crazy- their last album's only 3 yrs old
  18. I remember the I remember the music video on late night MTV and being pretty shocked at the time
  19. Sounds nice. Not sure If I'd be able to sit through the whole album, but some of the songs are interesting for sure.
  20. This was my first time listening to them. Generally not a metalcore fan and this was heavier than my taste. I thought every song (except never there & poverty of self) was at least pretty good. The choruses were decent and they carried the songs, but overall too much screaming that didnt land for me (i love underoath and screaming bands, but this felt like screaming for screaming's sake and never changed melody)...I can't say I enjoyed it as much as everyone else seems to. I think Monsters is the best track. Overall I liked it more than i thought, but still wasn't rated highly. The Ghost Inside had a similar platform in that I dont really listen to them and I much prefer their album with a similar sound. I see this as depth music at most; not much revisiting here.
  21. This is the first song ive actually "liked" for quite a while
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