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  2. Valis Ablaze - Render Review: 1. Neon Dreaming - 4/5 2. Hollow Heart - 3.5/5 3. The Convincer - 3/5 4. Keyframes - 3/5 5. Ascent (feat. Sam Bell) - 4/5 6. Saturation - 4.5/5 7. Proxy - 4.5/5 8. States of Decay - 3.5/5 9. Infinite World - 4/5 10. Elevation (feat. White Dove) - 3.5/5 It's an alright record. Some good tracks on here tho.
  3. Pretty neat, just give me some Pendulum juice though
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  5. i knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooow The Dark Mark is so fucking good, this new one just doesn't rub my dick the same way
  6. I ain't even listened to this yet and I already know it's AOTY material.
  7. "The Class Of Madame Gazelle" is 2009 metalcore at its finest.
  8. OH MY GOD MY BABIES THIS IS SO GOOD. I have enjoyed almost everything from these guys, but I really couldnt digest the last album. So happy for this
  9. Better than pretty much every solo artist you hear on the "radio", mostly that nonsense that wins all the awards.
  10. If you stumble across my profile, see this message, and want 90's/early 2000's metalcore/death metal/hardcore band recommendations, feel free to message me! Always glad to show people who their favorite modern bands were influenced by. :-)

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  12. Landon Tewers - Withdrawals Review: Threatening - 4/5 Touched your skin - 4/5 Something To lose - 3.5/5 Never Whole - 4.5/5 She thinks of me - 4/5 sleeping in the benz - 4/5 Brush Street - 5/5 I dont wanna be the one that let you go - 4.5/5 I'm good - 4/5 Didn't know Landon did solo stuff so this is pretty cool. This record is great I say check it out. Very different feel to a lot of the music for sure.
  13. If you like this, there was another band on 20 buck spin's label called Coffins from Japan about 10 years ago (they're still active i think, just on another label) that you should check out. Pretty sure the album was called The Other Side of Blasphemy. This sounds like something from around that era, it's awesome.
  14. Been waiting for this all year and it did not disappoint in the slightest, blew me away. Out the same day as Norma Jean though, hot damn!
  15. I was not prepared at all for this. I might love this more than Captors. That’s how good this record is. So much soul and passion in the entirety of this. Like it’s been said many times, there’s not one filler song and each song is unique. This album is HUGE boys, don’t sleep on this.
  16. pretty good. probably will be one of their more memorable tracks in a while.
  17. that tone is fucking dirty. givememore.
  18. My buddy kept posting about this song coming out this week. Its good. Curious about future releases from these fellas.
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