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  2. same, I discovered tons of bands thanks to this glorious site.
  3. The weather were I live is getting cold, so this fits perfectly, Im finishing the first song and its beautful
  4. Nail on the head. Title track and last two are trash. Firework is def my favorite, love the latin acoustics and the vocal melodies.
  5. Kissing Candice "Ghosted" | June 5th Tallah "The Silo" | June 5th Decay "Feel Better" | June 8th Emmure "I've Scene God" | June 12th Broadside "Heavenly" | June 19th
  6. Well that was... not very good. I got into kpop mainly for the aesthetics but I did like TWICE musically as well. This is just very generic in a bad way.
  7. What a fucking massive banger of a track, holy shit I LOVE this.
  8. Leaked Release - June 2, 2020 Genre - Pop Rock, Alternative Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC   Tracklist: 1. Animals (2:53)   Download   Support! Facebook / iTunes
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  10. Didn't know about this band before these singles and I'm getting so hyped with each passing single. Will need to do a discography dive soon, but I'm so excited for Kaliyuga. These catchy af grooves are so tasty.
  11. Good post, pleasant and catchy sound.
  12. Tracks 2-5 have their moments, hell, they could be considered some of the better ones as far as most kpop girl group EPs go, but the title track is hilariously terrible. It just reeks of dated western top 40 with BAD generic pop drops that started to become more popular since early 10s or so. The last two tracks are awful as well.
  13. They really need to stop with these single-line chorus hooks. They're so uninteresting, as are the rest of their tropical house songs. This is the 'Yes or Yes' of 2020 for me, and I doubt I'll ever come back to it.
  14. Release - May 29, 2020 Genre - Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Ghost (4:25) 02. Better Now (3:18) 03. Cnd (2:50) 04. Rager (4:16) 05. L (4:46) 06. Dream. Sleep. (3:38) 07. If Only (You Said No) (4:03) 08. Child (3:51) 09. Blue Beach (5:25) 10. Color (1:48) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  15. Holy Fucking shit. I love Alpha Wolf so much! This song slaps. The album comes a week after my Birthday. I’m gonna be one happy boi!
  16. Release - April 10, 2020 Genre - J-Pop, J-Rock, Alternative Rock, Kawaii Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Neo Start (2020ver.) (1:35) 02. Again (4:18) 03. Rewind the Story (3:56) 04. Fight for the Right (4:22) 05. The Force (4:30) 06. Call My Name (4:40) 07. Sky (4:49) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  17. Damn this is probably their worst EP to date, somehow being even worse than Feel Special. Title track is seriously bad, I guess the trinity of worst title tracks is now complete (More & More, Yes or Yes, Knock Knock). That being said Oxygen and Shadow are very nice jams, Make Me Go is good but has really shitty chorus and the rest is just generic summerpop tropical house garbage. Take some time, stick to 2-3 producers and make actually good releases like Fancy You and &TWICE. Sadly K-Pop industry is so fucked up they just keep farting out releases every 4 months with absolutely no previews or singles and the koreaboos will eat it either way. As ONCE and occasional K-Pop listener this is insulting but who gives a fuck about what I think when the fangirls are already being biased by their fancy looking idols without actually paying attention to their music awaiting their group order of every single variant of this release
  18. Release - June 1, 2020 Genre - K-Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. MORE & MORE (3:19) 02. OXYGEN (3:45) 03. FIREWORK (3:13) 04. MAKE ME GO (3:06) 05. SHADOW (2:48) 06. DON'T CALL ME AGAIN (2:53) 07. SWEET SUMMER DAY (3:11) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  19. Fuckin shit I was not ready to get slapped this hard at 4 in the morning but here we are WATCH THE BODIES DROP
  21. the drums on this are fucking sick this album is going to be absolute carnage (in a good way) if it's all like this
  22. Leaked Release - June 2, 2020 Genre - Nu-Metalcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR / FLAC ** New Album A Quiet Place to Die coming September 25th ** Tracklist: 01. Akudama (2:37) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  23. Few seconds of the preview and I'm loving it already
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