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  2. I'll get downvoted I'm sure, but I don't care. I was hyped for this, but after first listen its a whole bunch of meh. Nothing really stood out, vocal patterns are boring, songs all sound pretty much the same, etc....Maynard on 10,000 Days was Gold. On this he's pretty boring. Hate me.
  3. I was going to leak it myself (actual member of the band), but I see that someone took care of it. So thanks ;D Here's the whole EP stream, so if someone wants to check it out on YT, here's your chance Thanks for giving us a listen. I am pretty proud of this record since I have done writing, recording and co-producing. I have spent countless hours making my vision of this EP come true, so I appreciate every listen, every comment and every supportive action. Streaming links below: Spotify: iTunes: Deezer: EDIT: Question to the people: Do we really sound like downtempo? I don't feel like that
  4. AWESOME! Thanks for posting, been a really long wait for this one!
  5. Today
  6. Yeah, they 100% fucked up. Puppy wouldve been their masterpiece
  7. Agreed. Also, Fair to Midland is fucking fantastic, I'd never thought I'd see any mention of them on this site at all, ever.
  8. Okay after 3 listens I can say that this is fantastic. Fucking great. Favorite tracks: Pneuma, Descending, Culling Voices, Chocolate Chip Trip, 7empest. Hell throw in the other 2 as well. Great record. TOOL has done it again. Can't wait to hear the full version with all the interludes and such.
  9. Haven't listened to this yet, but that artwork rules.
  10. Good thing this was posted here, great ep
  11. I never 'got' Tool and this album didn't change my mind, but I'm happy for all the fans that the wait is now over. I will agree that 7empest is a pretty cool track though.
  12. Is this the cold from late 90s early 00s that did stupid girl
  13. This is VERY good. One of their best, I think. That end breakdown is fucking mental.
  14. Typical Counterparts song. Very good. Guitar work is stellar. Chorus is huge. Love it.
  15. well it's certainly a Counterparts song
  16. I've got the special edition on pre-order but this is too good to pass up. This will keep me going for the week.
  17. Holy fuck that was a fun ride! Can’t wait to hear the full experience. Invincible is my favorite track. I’m glad there were plenty of goosebump moments. The dudes actually pulled it off!
  18. 7empest is the best song on the album. Actually, 7empest is the best song this year. The whole album is mindblowing, but that song is out of this world. Just wow.
  19. I'd complain about there being only 7 songs but its still like an hour of new tool music.
  20. is this real life?? damn thanks!
  21. Woooo I really enjoy the 4 tracks I've listened to thus far. Thank you! Crazy to think the instrumentals have to be added in after... That CD minute limit really hurt them this time lol
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