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  2. I wish they'd do it like Get Scared, they released a FULL length album, and Johnny is also working on his solo career and it's actually really good stuff that is still within the same genre. I don't mind artists doing outlandish stuff like Landon Tewers for instance but when it takes away from the potential of more great music coming from the band it's a big letdown
  3. I'm so ready for this. I'll give an update once I have a full listen.
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  6. These dudes rip, wasn't aware a new album was out- nice surprise!
  7. He had to make a fucking pop album. *Eye roll* I really hate these guys who feel the need to make pop solo albums. It always ends up costing us good music. And I don't like this song at all. I hope the last ones good. Who knows how long it will before they make more. Sigh.
  8. So is this a vinyl rip? If so how's the quality cause digital rips of vinyl don't particularly sound well.
  9. Only song I dislike is the Overwatch one. The rest I'm pleasantly surprised about. 4/5
  10. The drummer is the clean vocalist from the looks of it and is also female!
  11. People who listened to the 128 kbps leaked version of this and compared it to the 320 kbps or whatever quality you listen to of Dealer are a bunch of asshats.
  12. Thought I'd check out Alpha Wolf's new EP cos I'm a sucker for nu metalcore. First line I hear "YOU'RE JUST A PUSSY-" stopped and skipped. Sorry but those lyrics are just too intellectual for me.
  13. Genre - Post-Hardcore, Noise Rock, Stoner Rock, Atmospheric Sludge Metal Country - United States Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR (unless otherwise stated) Release List: Studio Albums (2008) Night Terror (2011) Weatherhead (2014) Sleepwalking Sailors (2016) Stillicide EPs/Singles (2007) Helms Alee (debut EP) [V1 VBR, ~200 kbps] (2008) Lionize / Truly (EP) (2013) Split w/ Ladder Devils ("Not Dot") (2013) Split w/ Tacos! ("You don't love Deez / Hoz sucks (yeah, oh yeah...)") (2014) Split w/ Young Widows ("Punchy Stabby", "Pan", "Gas Giant") (2016) An Audiotree Live Session Download
  14. Leaked Release - April 19, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Lifeisgood 2. Myfeelingshavefeelings 3. Holycrud 4. Ilovebeer 5. Mytop10mostbrootalbreakdownsof2047 6. Spacesbetweenlettersarecool 7. Youareamazingandiloveyou Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
  15. I've always been a casual fan of this band. But damn, I was super impressed with this album!! I've been listening to it all day. Production quality is top notch. Really good job. I'm going to re-visit their previous albums now.
  16. That reminds me of Myka, Relocate. Maybe i am wrong. Btw good album!!
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