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  2. Hopefully this grows on me, kinda weak. Obligatory not like old Volbeat complaints.
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  4. Be warned, sorta spoilers in song titles. Best of the three, most kickass fights in a movie in the past 10 years. Even beats The Raid. Gets better every movie somehow.
  5. Better than delonge imo. I also really enjoy it. If we're getting another full length from them, that would make me a very happy boy
  6. Maybe if they distributed this ep a little differently it could of done better. But the ep itself is alright.
  7. Only just given this a spin. This is surprisingly good. Definitely worth a listen if you're into CrazyEightyEight is anything similar.
  8. honestly really like this song. singer sounds just like tom delonge and parts of the video are just like all the small things. nice
  9. Check out their album "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest". It's quite a bit heavier and an amazing album
  10. The first part reminds me of King by Caliban.
  11. Exactly. It is a huge waste to have Scott Barnes in a band if he isn't gonna be doing his signature clean vocals. I want In Fear & Faith back. Wish the Niroomand brothers didn't f*ck them over and ruin everything for all of us by quitting the band.
  12. Sonically, they didn't stray much from their previous material, which is a good thing. Lyrically as cringe as ever.
  13. Release - May 17th, 2019 Genre - Pop punk, Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Famous Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  14. Love this, I feel like I should try their older material, but this new stuff is very promising.
  15. Going to see the movie tonight. My expectations are high after listening to this 👍
  16. Could never get into this band despite multiple tries. Yet their most hated work kinda does it for me. 🤷‍♀️
  17. Great EP. Don't care what anyone says. Great EP. Front to back.
  18. That Intro scared me and almost sounded like Breaking Benjamin. But the song is alright.
  19. One of my favorite artists, Love his music so much. The Last album was really good. This one Also cool.
  20. Super cool sound! I'm excited to listen in full
  21. This album has been on repeat almost all day, super solid. Thanks for posting this!
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