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  2. I have to agree that it really suprised me, with the singles they've released I was really expecting same old Currents. I'll need to give it more spins, but I think they made a good decision, because they were slightly sliding into the sub category of metalcore bands that make songs that have way too many similarities in term of paterns and overall structures. At least that's how I felt personally, I was getting disinterested more and more, while they always executed that formula like real pros, I've been listening to this genre for so long that I get more and more disinterested as the years pass by.
  3. Yeah nah this isn't it; I liked the idea initially but who let this leave the studio? This just doesn't compare to the original.
  4. This sure is making me feel like I should hit more cyclists with my car. Amazing stuff.
  5. It's good but not as you guys are saying, at least for me.
  6. He's a very talented guy and down to earth I really hope this band becomes something I'm pretty sure he said on Instagram they got an ep ready soon
  7. Sadly, if you repeat the same lyrics more than three to four times in a song you loose me, but that's me personally. As long as these guys do what they love... Even if I have my doubts, they most likely just decided to soften their edges for you know, attract more fans, which is understandable, you want to make more money and live by doing what you love, but it's something I have a hard time respecting somehow.. It could always be because they've grown into something else, it took quite a while before they release something after their ep, so who knows. But anyway, to me personally their self-titled ep was so promising, but sadly I couldn't get into anything else they've released since.
  8. Oh yeah, I'm just talking their domestic releases, they still have a bit of charm left with their Japanese releases because that market wouldn't want to en-masse buy their recent shift in concept lol, all of their Japanese releases have been solid. Shame we gotta disagree here now tho, cause Fancy is right where I think they fell off. Can't even remember how any song on that record sounds no matter how many times I've listened to it. Think I'll find myself going back to this a lot more than that.
  9. Oxygen, Shadow are great, some of the best, Sweet Summer is not a bad tune, actually growing on me lately. I thought &TWICE was pretty great, the only songs I dislike on that one are Happy Happy and the closer I guess. Fancy You will stay their best release.
  10. Not really, it's definitely top 3 worst along with the previous two tho, like there's no denying that. The songs aren't bad, but they're bad Twice songs, and generic is the exact word I would use. You could tell me this is like...idk, any other random generic girl group I've never actually listened to and I would believe you lmao idk, there are a few good songs on here, I think Sweet Summer Day is the only one that even sounds remotely like Twice tho, but overall yeah, Twice lost their identity when they started trying super hard to drop the "cute concept" or whatever
  11. I think the line in Here's to You was referring to him. He fucked up but was too fucked up to care. He was too drunk and lazy and was holding the band back. I'm not certain that's true, but that's the vibe the band members were giving off. That's not the story he has told on platforms such as Shane Told's the Lead Singer Syndrome, but I think that's the case. That being said, this song is great and I wish him the best.
  12. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of their new sound. I haven't really been able to get into their stuff since A Sense Of Purpose. They should really just let the classics stay the way they are.
  13. This is actually really catchy I don't know why issues kicked out michael sounds like he's become a better singer I will say he's uncleans do sound a bit rusty lol
  14. This guys can surprise from anywhere, the tasty chorus though
  15. This is a total banger. Also really excited for the album.
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  17. Origin fucking RIPS. I think this is a great sophomore effort from the metal core boys. It doesn't leave the same impact that TPIFS left with me but I think that has to do with the current scene. This album feels like it'll be a grower in the community. Lots of interesting little bits that weren't present in TPIFS. It's like they took ILTDI and put it on crack hahaha
  18. Wow, I really love the direction that they've taken. Has The Mars Volta vibes. Can't wait for the album!
  19. Incredible album with tons of diversity. If you can't get on bored with the melody and cleans, go listen to ABR. On the other hand I side with those upset about Poverty of Self / Second Skin; if it were me I'd do the identical album release layout but save PoS. I feel like singles should be reflective of the album as a whole, and this album is definitely more geared towards those preferred AFTW and Monters. Still 10/10.
  20. Was not expecting this to be such a jam. Not really into trap but this is great!
  21. Album is close to what burning in hell feels like. Love it, and that last track is definitely my favorite.
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