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  2. Solid release gonna be jammin' this for a few weeks. Anyone know what band Adam Anderson is from or is he just a random guest feature?
  3. that single is a JAM. will check this out.
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  5. The last album was kinda underwhelming. I see they've taken the looks, sound and feel of that "ERRA neon feel" that's cool it makes you $ but I miss that techy bounce they had back in the day.
  6. I get what you did there with the dig deep pun. Check out the songs Berserker, Cursing Akhenaten, Neo Seoul, A Wolf Amongst Ravens, Your Troubles Will Cease..., and the mindblowing Pi (the Mercury God of Infinity).
  7. Leaked Release - May 10, 2019 Genre - Heavy Metal, Modern Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Rising 2. Phantom Hawk 3. Blacksmith's Lament 4. Kings Under the Sand 5. Qarînah 6. Warrior Caste 7. Alpha Omega 8. Curse of the Pharaoh Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
  8. I don't know why either because they always have great engineers on these albums. Rareform has the best production out of their whole discography, and that was released like 10 years ago. Dig Deep sounded pretty good instrumentally, then the vocals come in and it's like....why does he sound like he's screaming into a tin can???
  9. I know it's only an hour before release, but if anybody is interested, at 11PM (ET) there will be a live premiere at
  10. I rather hear the same band with same sound than 3 to 5 sounds of other bands in one band. If I want to hear other bands, then I will listen to those other bands if I want, not be forced to listen to other things I do not want to listen to. Good to still see bands sticking mostly to what they started with or close to it. The ones changing to something they weren't in the first place can FO!
  11. I'll definitely fuck with this for a good month :-)
  12. I wish they'd do it like Get Scared, they released a FULL length album, and Johnny is also working on his solo career and it's actually really good stuff that is still within the same genre. I don't mind artists doing outlandish stuff like Landon Tewers for instance but when it takes away from the potential of more great music coming from the band it's a big letdown
  13. I'm so ready for this. I'll give an update once I have a full listen.
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  15. These dudes rip, wasn't aware a new album was out- nice surprise!
  16. He had to make a fucking pop album. *Eye roll* I really hate these guys who feel the need to make pop solo albums. It always ends up costing us good music. And I don't like this song at all. I hope the last ones good. Who knows how long it will before they make more. Sigh.
  17. So is this a vinyl rip? If so how's the quality cause digital rips of vinyl don't particularly sound well.
  18. Only song I dislike is the Overwatch one. The rest I'm pleasantly surprised about. 4/5
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