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  2. the bridge through to the chorus in the second half is god damn beautiful pretty great song, yet again kinda sounds like a Sempiternal b-side but that's not a bad thing at all
  3. I've never been into this band at all so I'm going to give my opinion without any bias: Instrumental is pretty bland, any post hardcore band at all could have done something similar imo, Vocals are both great without a doubt. Def not a banger to me, could be a song I'll let play when on shuffle, I guess
  4. 7/10 not bad but not too good reminds me "careful what you wish for" mixed with some songs from the self-titled album
  5. I didn't realised i was listening at passtheleaks HAHAHAHHAHAAHAH
  6. It's alright I guess. Very simple and alt-rocky. Hopefully one of the softer songs on the album, though I like that they are exploring more in the genre and are not just sticking to one sound. Album might be good, overall I'm not as impressed as I was when they put out singles from s/t but who knows. Maybe we're really in a surprise and they are saving the best stuff for the full release.
  7. Been trying to get into this EP but man I just can't. I was stoked to hear these guys were making a comeback, but none of this holds up to the debut EP or album. A lot of it is soft and the heaviest song on it is just basic. The chorus is literally, "Obey! Obey Obey!" over and over. Hopefully the full length will be harder and have more heart in it but if not, they should've just kept the band dead.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean, sounds good to me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it
  9. Wow the font on this one is so small it's not even visible
  10. Pretty good single looking forward to the rest of the album it almost sounds like they are evolving the Sempiternal sound something BMTH hasn't even done so that's pretty cool too
  11. Upon listening more, I can't believe how much the vocalist reminds me of OG The Bled. So, so good.
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  13. Incredibly underwhelming, just like the first single, but I do like the second single a lot so there's still some hope in having bangeroonies in the full release.
  14. Leaked Release - June 18th, 2019 Genre - Metalcore, Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Burning Out Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  15. Very cool Instru deserves some kudos too
  16. This is REALLY good actually. Glad I found this one.
  17. Good band and good album but the influences you mentioned are better at their craft. You could call this a love letter to sempiternal or just a poor man's sempiternal but it's not necessarily an insult, that's still better than 99% of the metalcore genre.
  18. Man so many different influences on this record but it's still great overall it's like if BMTH Sempiternal era, Linkin Park, The Plot in You had a massive orgy and this would be their baby but even then there's tons more influences on here really looking forward to their follow up
  19. @vincentevoid We all wanna hear more whether it be this style, or the style of the Widow EP, or anything else! I support you 100% no matter what my guy
  20. I hate Hatebreed (like legit don't enjoy a single song) but I think BWP always delivered solid modern hardcore mixed with some other influences and they're much more interesting. Do you also hate Harms Way? Also, Lionheart are cornier than all the bands mentioned
  21. Loved the last single, love this one too. Can we please get an album? Or an EP at least?
  22. They are gonna blow up if they keep this up. Love the album, start to finish.
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