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  2. 1. Thank You Scientist 2. Anup Sastry 3. The Ocean Cure 4. Torments 5. Spirit Healer I'm surprised something as shallow as MIW got so high in the votings, whereas something as good and creative as Thank You Scientist is this low. Although I'm expecting the same shit to happen with this month and Crown The Empire.
  3. Disagree on your FFO. I'd say Architects, Silverstein, and Underoath (which you have) Good review though
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  5. Wolves At The Gate delivered yet again, after melodic and lyrically really strong Types & Shadows, we got a new record called Eclipse...and yeah, it's a lovely ride of emotions and strong musicianship...the lyrics have been kind of put aside, but Eclipse insists on your heart and ears like worm, after each listen you hear all the differences between each song, this is shall I say the most diverse record they ever released, every track has its own soul, I kind of expected a bit heavier breakdowns to be completely honest and more solos, but still it pleasantly surprised me and it will be on repeat for whole month, maybe longer FFO: Silent Planet, Thrice, Underoath 1. The Cure [5/5] - (First single, the intro, the approach got me stoked af, because its chorus is really good, Steve's vocals are simply beautiful and Nick's screams raw and incredibly crafted) 2. Face To Face [5/5] - (Behold the best track on this album, it has amazing instrumental with symphonic spice, that instantly catches your head and you...just have to slowly headbang, it also has probably the best guitar ending) 3. A Voice In The Violence [4/5] - (Somewhere the score had to drop a bit, a lot of you will disagree, but it is what it is, I dig this track, I'm not gonna lie, but it's not the tip of the mountain, great build-up to interesting so to speak breakdown?) 4. Drifter [5/5] - (At first I was disappointed a bit, but after couple of listens I fell in love with this one, I listened to this track when it released as a single maybe 5 times on my way to different city, I like the screams and chorus a lot) 5. Enemy [4.5/5] - (Interesting change of pace, but very welcomed one, yeah, this reminded me of newer Thrice and SO WHAT? from WSS with strong parts that for sure stab you hard) 6. Evil Are The Kings [4.5/5] - (I guess this will be the most underrated track, but I have to admit, even tho I hate chanting and "wohous" in heavier music, here it fits, it's damn cool overall) 7. Eclipse [4/5] - (Gorgeous tearjerker with nice aerial ending, but not the best ballad I've ever heard) 8. Response [5/5] - (Ding-dong, back to the really heavy side, yeaaaah, this track kicked ribs off of my body and kicked it back right after...second best track on Eclipse for sure) 9. History [3.5/5] - (Weakest track on this record, why...I don't really know, it has Silent Planet vibe, but something is just missing or I expected a bit more...maybe a breakdown) 10. The Sea In Between [5/5] - (This one has the strongest Silent Planet vibes of all the tracks on this album, do I dig it? Fuck yeah I do, I love the vocals that he delivers here, the emotion and the lyrics, so this takes bronze medal) 11. Alone [4/5] - (At first I was like...meh, but it grew on me and now I'm throughoutly enjoying it, repetitive "alones" are something that you can persuade) 12. Counterfeit [5/5] - (Shortest never means the worst, with this song not at all, yet again we get somewhat Thricy approach, I enjoy the hooks and verses) 13. Blessings & Curses [4/5] - (Who would've guessed...a ballad as a closer? NO WAY! I don't have much to say, other than the lyrics are great and it nicely stops the overall album pace) IT'S HEAVY, IT SCREAMS AT YOU FROM EVERY CORNER YET IT HAS ITS OWN SOFT PILLOW, OH SO SO MELLOW (AOTM...maybe even AOTY contender) 4.5/5 - 90%
  6. Their best work for sure, it's a win-win with WATG though, pull one out of a hat.
  7. I met these guys at a gas station in Texas when they were touring with mwY. they were feeding a one legged bird french fries and smoking clove cigarettes. seemed like good people
  8. It was alright. Still excited for the rest of the album
  9. I figured with fans on twitter posting images showing they had the CD and knowing the review copies were emailed out a week ago that it would be a CD source, apologies for the mistake.
  10. So album is half great and half average. 13 voices was more consistent overall for sure. But Turning Away, Out For Blood, Never There, The People Vs, Catching Fire and A Death in the Family are all pretty great to great songs. The People Vs kinda took me by surprise, has an Offspring feel, especially the guitar tone and chords and drums. Even the vocal melodies really too.
  11. This is incredible, definitely one of my most anticipated releases this year
  12. It's simple: 1) Some mods are doing black magic fuckery 2) We download 3) We yell quality is shit 4) We argue with each others based on our tastes & subjectivity
  13. MP3/320 Chelsea Wolfe - American Darkness (Single) (2019)
  14. my god.. can wolves at the gate do no wrong =O wow 10/10
  15. When I see a new album I can listen to from a band I love, I have a feeling it's a special day, that happens only a few times every year Today is one of these days Thank you
  16. I love his voice! This is great! Looking forward to this album a lot! Thanks!
  17. Imagineer thnking you understand how leaks work.
  18. This is not sourced from a CD, sorry to disappoint.
  19. Yes! Another newly discovered band for me! Good stuff
  20. A solid 7 out of 10. I'm a little disappointed to know that the released singles are the best tracks but it's a good album.
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