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  2. Leaked Release - 2018-04-06 Genre - Indie Rock, Alternative, Rock Quality - MP3, VBR V1 Tracklist: 1. A God Called Hubris 2. Major League Chemicals 3. Ministry of Alienation 4. Hunnybee 5. Chronos Feasts on His Children 6. American Guilt 7. The Internet of Love (That Way) 8. Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays 9. This Doomsday 10. How Many Zeros 11. Not in Love We’re Just High 12. If You’re Going to Break Yourself Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes / Physical
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  4. I use "toasty" sometimes too! I also like to use the term "obese" instead of "heavy" when it comes to breakdowns.
  5. Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown - Stranger Things (Single) (2018)

    @bost42 I like to use the word "toasty" as another word that describes the banger-ness of a song lol, especially if slaps is mildly inappropriate as it is here.
  6. Movements - Feel Something (2017)

    Just got into these guys, Deadly Dull is a fantastic song, but god damn The Grey hits such a chord with me.
  7. Again, cannot use my favorite term for a song (Slaps) because Chris Brown is on the track (Sorry Ri Ri), anyway cool song.
  8. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    I literally only said I'm not feeling this song before that douche insulted me and you think I'm shitting on someone for their opinion? Are you blind? I'm literally the one who gave an opinion that was shit on. I have no problem with mainstream rock anyway....Seriously what's wrong with you people? Everything you said in your post applied more to you and him than anyone else in this thread. YOU quit acting like a self righteous dickhead, I'm a long time fan but not feeling what I hear, allow me my opinions, but the fact that shithead shit on me for an opinion and you posted that toward me is "rediculous" Not liking one song is not a fucking crime, comparing a band to another band isn't either. If you're gonna shit on every person who doesn't like a song you do that's a pretty sad life to live, and if you;re gonna post to someone at least read the whole convo before doing so...
  9. Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown - Stranger Things (Single) (2018)

    Also not the biggest fan a rap besides a few artists here and there. But can confirm, song is a banger and I dig it like @Frak The Gods does!
  10. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    LOL except no one said "any band who goes soft is BMTH" you dumb kid looking for shit to argue about online. You don't even know what I think about BMTH or Underoath, all I mentioned was the same path as BMTH, as in "core" to mainstream rock and only mentioned BMTH because it's the biggest example of a band doing this type of change. You're the shallow asshole who's a noob fan and can't even comprehend what people are trying to say before attempting to insult them. "Durrrr he said something about a band I barely know online durrrr shallow" Grow up kid
  11. Release - February 25th, 2018 Genre - Rap, Hip/Hop Quality - MP3 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. Stranger Things Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *I am not the biggest rap fan but, I really dig this song.*
  12. In Vice Versa - Sunseeker (Single) (2018)

    Have no idea. I don't think so. Couldn't find any info on the ghost female vocals lol.
  13. Shields - Black Dog (Single) (2018)

    Uhh what!?!? lol
  14. Memoriam - The Silent Vigil (2018)

  15. Daniel Caesar - Freudian (2017)

    Dangerously underrated album
  16. The Seafloor Cinema - I'm Still Sad (2018)

    This is pretty good. These guys have some potential.
  17. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    It's hard to judge a song without listening to the entire record as a whole sometimes and I feel that's the case here. I loved the first single, and this isn't too bad.
  18. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    The rip is fine but I like to get the cd rip or digital files since I mostly listen in headphones
  19. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    Liked the first single, this is pretty meh. But it's a radio single so I wasn't expecting it to be that heavy in the first place, I'm sure the album will have at least a few heavy bangers.
  20. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    What's wrong with the vinyl?
  21. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    We are all going to die someday
  22. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    interesting. sounds like Kill Hannah
  23. Memoriam - The Silent Vigil (2018)

    don't think this are rip offs, but the cover looks pretty similar to this one haha
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  25. Who would want an ENTIRE month of releases. No one needs that much Bilmuri.
  26. for torrent, people would need to Seed HARD AS FUCK for staff to consider keeping it around
  27. Not sure if its been asked already, is there a thread or somewhere that has a collective compilation of the entire months releases as a single download instead of downloading each album individually?
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