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  1. Past hour
  2. Insanely consistent band, whole discog is great, outstanding live too.
  3. Vesta Collide plus Northlane and DVSR+Hacktivist and a dash of The Browning, I never knew I needed this what a mix.
  4. This is great. I'm more than excited that not only did the album leak, but it's actually quite good. The single - We Know Where You Fucking Live is probably the weakest song on an otherwise good album. Weird. As always, thanks!
  5. 320 added! (@MatteBlack@ricky0193@greatwaves93)
  6. Today
  7. This band & song is amazing, I have to agree with BRDSX on the EP thing tho, with me i think as I band of such talent its kind of a waste of time just to come out with 4-6 songs....just release an album but yet I understand the band members might be busy or on tour.... Anyway can't wait for the EP then more music from TWY.
  8. I'm surprised the entire ep hasn't been leaked yet
  9. This band is love... delivered the darkest tunes in EOS & I&I.. this is good but still... it’s not what you’d expect from em
  10. Love the "Division" and "Feeding the Wolves" vibes from both the first single and this one. Should be a pretty solid album if the rest of it sounds like this!
  11. Leaked Release - September 22, 2017 Genre - Electronic Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR; FLAC *Thanks for sharing @Cutliesthroat* Tracklist: 1. Intro of Anarchy (01:27) 2. F*** Your World (02:19) 3. Education (02:30) 4. PRDCTN (02:50) 5. Zeit (03:09) Total length: 12:15 Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  12. People scared of crowdkilling going to beatdown shows. Lol What a meme.
  13. I always need my Manson fix around this time of the year, thanks for 320.
  14. Cutliesthroat WORD! They will stop the Show if its enough and too much
  15. They said in an Interview that they give a fuck about whats happening in the crowd, so if you are afraid to get punched don't go to a beatdown Show? OC some dudes are to wild, but there is a way to deal with it
  16. dunno where u heard this but i saw them like 6 times now and they even stopped there set because of people who got crowdkilled can get help and kicked the crowdkiller out. but these are only 6 shows of 1000.
  17. Yeah kinda, it's those fiery verses and well used synths that sold me on CLW.
  18. was looking for this-thanks!
  19. Well i think this is really generic, i instantly forget after listen to it
  20. He's 100% trolling lol
  21. Oh God, I like this! Very much!
  22. 320, FLAC and instrumentals added!
  23. Goddamn KL, now i'm tempted to hear this, well i'll wait til friday, this is one of the most anticipated albuns to me, thanks in advance for posting it.
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