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Trusted Members Wiki


This wiki outlines our Trusted Members system. Consult this wiki if you have any questions about Trusted members. If you have additional questions after reading, please post in the Support forum.



What is a Trusted member?

A Trusted member is a user who has been vetted, tested, and approved by Administrators to post downloads for Kingdom Leaks. These members are distinguished as Trusted with a  next to their username. Trusted is NOT a separate user class, and Trusted members are NOT Staff members.


Why become a Trusted member?

Kingdom Leaks is a community-driven website. Without our community, we could not keep up with all the music there is to post on a daily, even hourly, basis. The Trusted position is meant for active and regular members of our community who are eager to contribute more to the site but can't necessarily sign on to the commitment and responsibilities of a Staff member. This position is not meant for everyone (see below for requirements).


What privileges does a Trusted member have?

A Trusted member is permitted to create topics in all the main download forums such as Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Indie, etc.. A Trusted member is allowed at most four (4) topic posts per day. These topics must be approved by an Administrator before they go live. A Trusted member must also strictly adhere to the Kingdom Leaks file-naming and posting format, which you see each time to download a file.


What are the responsibilities of a Trusted member?

There is no time requirement for Trusted members; however, to remain an active Trusted member, each one must post at minimum one (1) topic per week. They are of course permitted and encouraged to contribute much more than that.


A Trusted member must also take on the role of a community helper, doing things such as responding to questions in the Support forum as needed and answering questions in the Chatbox. Although these things are not limited to just Trusted members, we expect more out of them. Just as we have put our trust in them, they must also be respectful and helpful to all members of the community.


What are the requirements for becoming a Trusted member?

To become a Trusted member, you must:

  • have been a member of Kingdom Leaks for at least six (6) months,
  • have no other previous or current accounts on this website, or other serious infractions,
  • have made at least 100  25 legitimate posts on the website,
  • have been an active and regular user for at least the past three (3) consecutive months,
  • be an open-minded and hardworking person who is able to properly follow directions, and
  • pass a verification exam which consists of questions on audio formats, transcodes, audio tagging, and proper posting (no prior experience required, all materials necessary for passing of exam provided)


How do I become a Trusted member?

If you meet the above requirements, fill out the short application below to begin the process.

Apply for Trusted Status


I do not meet the requirements listed above, how can I still contribute to the site?

The Trusted position is by no means the only way to give back to the community at Kingdom Leaks!

  • Consider applying to become a Provider! The requirements are different and you may fit them. Check out the application here
  • Help us build a more robust and all-encompassing Upcoming Releases!
  • Help other users find what they're looking for in the Requests forum (Donators+).
  • And the best way, talk music in the Chatbox!
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