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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there and welcome to Kingdom Leaks! Just like any other website we have guided lines of Rules to follow. This is generally for the WHOLE site and we would like EVERYONE to follow these. We would like everyone to enjoy their stay without having to deal with immature people, and rude posts to other members. This is a friendly community and we wish to keep it like that! NOT following these Rules will get you warning points and infractions and then if you keep it up eventually BANNED from the website. SITE RULES: 1) NO flaming - Anyone caught in the act of flaming other members on the site will get warning points. 2) NO profanity - Profanity/vulgar abuse used against other members will get you warning points. Keep it up and get banned from the website. 3) NO spamming - If you're caught spamming forums you will get warning points and banned from creating topics. IF it's a SPAMBOT, report the thread and carry on with browsing the site. An Admin or Moderator will ban that bot immediately. 4) NO abusing the ShoutBox! - Spamming in there is not allowed, so don't go spamming YouTube links in there 24x7 or we will ban you from the ShoutBox for a limited time. 5) NO Requesting in the ShoutBox!! - The ShoutBox is for talking about music and other things! No one is allowed to request in there! (To request you must be a donator which will unlock a new forum with a requests section) 6) NO advertising - Please do NOT advertise other websites. Doing this will result in warning points. 7) NO outside links! - Do NOT link to other websites (Like WAREZ websites, Torrent sites, Porn sites [HUGE NO NO!]) Doing ths will result in getting banned from the site. Few exceptions are like when requesting for albums and you post Wikipedia links, news websites, or simply where to purchase an album. 8) NO posting Warez, Movies, Applications, cracked programs, Keygens etc, in ANY post! We're strictly a music website! The only people allowed to post music is the group "Providers" and higher. 9) IF you find a music link that is broken, meaning that the link no longer works or the download has been taken down. Please flag the topic with broken links. A staff member will get to work to putting the link back up! 10) NO disrespecting Administrators, Moderators or Providers or any other member at ALL. 11) NO nudity allowed in Avatar pictures or Signatures. If we find there is nudity in them we will remove them from your profile and you will get notified that we removed them. Then it's up to you to modify your avatar/signatures to something more appropriate. 12) MAX size for signature - No more than 500x500 signatures. This is because it'll slow the website down and make it's load times longer. 13) DON'T ask for leaks. Things will leak when they leak! (Breaking this rule will be an automatic 24hr ban from chat, antagonize any further and it will be extended to a full 48hr site ban [or to an admin's discretion]) 14) If you receive a ban and decide to make a second account, not only will that second account be banned but so will your main account. 15) Donators, Subscribers, Supporters, and Leechers are not exempt from any rules listed above. Thank you for your time on reading the site rules. We hope you enjoy your stay and find what you're looking for! -The Kingdom Leaks Staff