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Found 3 results

  1. Which do you choose? Please vote, and reply below.
  2. Should we look into a FLAC download option for more albums?
  3. The Problem: Pulling in an external resource like a YouTube video may slow down a web page’s load performance, especially if there are two or more videos embedded on the same page (we usually have ~10 on the homepage). By embedding videos we request more than just a video file. A number of resources are fetched, including JavaScript files, a stylesheet, images, and advertisements. Two YouTube videos equates to 22 HTTP requests with a total of 624kb downloaded. These numbers will climb as we embed more videos on the page. The Solution: Instead of loading the YouTube video as soon as the page loads, we want to pull and play the video when the user asks to do so. This method is popularly known as lazy loading - it will minimize the HTTP requests on initial page load, and ultimately improve the page’s performance. The Problem With The Solution: Lazy loading works fine everywhere else on the site. Besides the Shoutbox. When one posts a video in the Shoutbox, the script does not call the play button and image to the JFrame, causing a black box only to appear. This is due to conflicting Shoutbox JS code and Ajax. The two sides of the debate: For Lazy-Loading YouTube Videos: Main argument is that it greatly improves overall site load and performance. For the site to load, all of YouTube's resources must be pulled in by the browser, and you cannot scroll up or down or click on anything until all the videos on the site are loaded. Lazy loading simply replaces all of YouTube's resources with an image and a play button. For the users that don't use the Shoutbox, this is an easy fix. "Overall I just think faster loading is more important, maybe 1% of users use the Shoutbox regularly" says active KL user @@LKA. Against Lazy-Loading YouTube Videos: It's a pain to refresh the Shoutbox every time someone posts a YouTube video. It is not appealing whatsoever to new users, and is just an overall hassle. @@Smash_Adams, another active KL user, brings up that because the black box appears, for one to play the video in the Shoutbox, it's "on refresh" rather than "on click" Anyone is welcome to vote and voice their opinions in this topic! You may be swayed one way or another by the info above or by other users comments, so read before voting!