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Site Rules

Welcome to Kingdom Leaks! Just like any other forum we have a few simple rules. We would like everyone to enjoy their stay. This is a friendly community and we wish to keep it that way.

Failure to follow these rules and guidelines will result in warnings. Keep it up and you'll be banned from the site.
  • NO flaming - Anyone caught in the act of flaming other members on the site will get warning points.
  • NO profanity - Profanity/vulgar abuse used against other members is probhibited
  • NO spamming - This is based off Staff's discretion. If you are caught spamming, we will take action
  • NO abusing the Chatbox! - Spamming in there is not allowed, so don't go spamming YouTube links in there 24x7 or antagonizing other members
  • NO requesting - ALL users are prohibited from requesting music in ALL parts of the site EXCEPT the Requests forum, open ONLY to donors.
  • NO advertising - Please do not advertise other websites.
  • NO outside links! - Do NOT post links to websites including, but not limited to: WAREZ sites, torrent sites, and porn sites. Doing this will result in getting banned from the site. The only exception to this is the Submit a Leak form and the Requests forum.
  • NO non music-related materials - Do not post or discuss Warez, movies, applications, exploits, cracked programs, keygens etc. on any part of the site. We're strictly a music website! The only people allowed to publicly share music with the community are Staff members.
  • DO NOT post in any other language besides English - We are strictly an English-speaking community! If you can't be bothered to at least use a translator, we can't be bothered to do so either.
  • NO disrespecting any member of the site, not just Staff.
  • NO nudity/obscene images allowed in profile pictures or signatures. If we find there is nudity in them we will remove them from your profile and you will get notified that we removed them. Then it's up to you to modify your avatar/signatures to something more appropriate.
  • DO NOT ask for leaks - Things will leak when they leak!
  • DO NOT create multiple accounts - If you receive a ban and decide to make a second account, not only will that second account be banned but so will your first account.
  • NEW! You must follow the guidelines on how to report offline links. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in a warning.


Thank you for your time on reading the site rules. We hope you enjoy your stay and find what you're looking for! 

-Kingdom Leaks Staff

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