Released 08/13/2018

Key Changes

The Update You All Wanted To Hear


The Kingdom Leaks Administrators have been working on finding alternative donation payment methods since the security issues about two months ago. @Lord Kingdom and I are pleased to announce that we will once again be accepting donations via PayPal! Donations via Bitcoin will remain open to those who may wish to use it. A donation of $5 or more comes with perks - among those is the privilege to request music in the Requests forum. Read more about donations + donate by navigating to About Us > Donate or by clicking below:




PassTheLeaks - Improvements


The PassTheLeaks team has introduced some great new features which you might have already noticed when going to download:


  • Mirror Server & Download - PTL download pages now offer two download links: a main link and a mirror link. Both originate from PTL's high speed servers in different locations. Depending on where you live, one download server may be faster than the other!
  • What am I downloading? - Not convinced that the download is legitimate? Want to see what you're downloading before you actually hit the button? For all archive downloads, you can now view exactly what's in the .zip before downloading.
  • Performance Improvements - Downloads should start a lot quicker than before.
  • Mobile CSS Improvements - The download page looks nicer on mobile.


Happy downloading!

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