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Released 06/23/2018

Key Changes

In light of recent security issues with PayPal, we have made some changes to the donation system. We no longer accept PayPal as a payment method. We are not likely to bring it back any time soon. We now handle donations through Bitcoin, a safe, secure, and anonymous payment method that does not require a bank account, credit card, or any personal information.


We understand this change may not please some who either do not use Bitcoin or have used PayPal in the past. We also acknowledge that this change will make donating easier for some, but harder for others. We are using Bitcoin for the security it provides for the staff and the community, and this is our top priority.


We would like to point out that there are ways to buy bitcoins from regular currency. We've included a couple links on getting started with that on the new donation page here: (also on the sidebar and navigational menu, under About Us).


If you have already donated previously under the old system, you are not at risk! No PayPal accounts were seized or suspended. Additionally, the way we are handling promotions is the same. You will not lose your current (or future) rank.


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