Released 03/04/2018

Key Changes

  • Significant improvements to server performance and site load times.
  • Patched a Memcached exploit that had delivered the largest DDoS attack on record. Read more here.
  • Improved CSS on Our Picks widget on the left sidebar of the homepage.
  • Staff picks will no longer be removed after 15 days. They will stay as an "archive" so that users can go back and see what the staff promoted. Remember, the archive is here and is also located below About Us on the navigational menu.
  • A bit overdue, but we've revamped our Newsroom. It's got a slider on the homepage and its forum is here.
  • Lots of personnel changes to the Kingdom Leaks Staff:
    • We say goodbye to our beloved administrator @Rorschach - read more and say your goodbyes here.
    • @xcblackdiamond is taking a break from staff. He will be rejoining us later this year.
    • Please welcome @Frak The Gods to staff! He's done a great job so far, we are so grateful to have him.
    • Also welcome @realowl!
    • Finally, @Crash Bandicoot has returned to staff! We are excited to have him back.


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