Released 12/25/2017

Key Changes

  • COMPLETED An error, in which if your search query contained a string with three or less characters it would throw an error, has been fixed. Changing the sort options on the search results page, however, has been found to give an error. This will be fixed in a future release 3.1.x
  • NEW FEATURE You may have seen this tool on the topic creation page. Staff use it for making posts on the site. We've decided to make it easily accessible for all users. Introducing KL's iTunes Artwork Finder! You can now easily find it via Browse > Artwork Finder. Enjoy!


Coming Soon - KL 3.1

  • Three-column layout on the homepage, like the original KL
  • Sidebar makeover, new additions
  • Option for mobile users to toggle the left and right sidebars, thus allowing Upcoming Releases and Latest Singles (plus everything else) to be viewed on mobile devices
  • (Hopefully) Fix KL's SSL image proxy, which has caused internal server errors and images not displaying
  • Awards?


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