Released 12/17/2017

Key Changes

  • COMPLETED Our web address kingdom-leaks.com is now fully secure and should be showing the green lock on all pages
  • SYSTEM Topic thumbnails now show in search results
  • SYSTEM Your site reputation has been added to the header, to the left of the notifications icon
  • SYSTEM Pagination on home page added to top of posts feed as well as bottom
  • SYSTEM Chat tab added to navbar
  • SYSTEM Implemented inactivity system; read how this affects you here



  • DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING Redesign homepage to feature a 3-column layout, with a left and right sidebar.
  • DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING Improvements for mobile users, such as the ability to toggle Upcoming Releases and Latest Singles (currently only visible for desktop users).
  • DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING Fix the goddamn search. Let's just say, if it were an easy fix, it would have been done by now :)


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