Released 11/28/2017

Key Changes

  • SYSTEM Sticky header responsive code finalized - big thanks again to @chinanderm for his help.
  • SYSTEM After a few days of voting, a majority dictated that Trending Leaks should be moved ABOVE the Chatbox. And so it has.
  • SYSTEM RSS Feed compatibility and improvements have made way for the introduction of 3 new RSS Feeds. This step is much awaited as it fixes the issues described here and here. You can access the 3 feeds described below by clicking the 4Ouj3pr.png in the top right corner of the site.
    • The Kingdom Leaks Homepage Feed - Everything that appears on the home page (this includes Discographies, Oldies, Compilations, and Videos sections) is included in this feed from Kingdom Leaks.
    • New Downloads Only Feed - A feed of ONLY new downloads (and exclusive previews) from Kingdom Leaks.
    • Newsroom Feed - A feed of all album news from the Newsroom forum on Kingdom Leaks.
    • (Have an idea for another RSS feed of our forums? Post a comment for this release!)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA With the revamping of RSS, we are now able to automate posts for Twitter and Reddit. Follow us in the top right to get notified of new downloads on whichever platform(s) you prefer.



  • DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING Redesign homepage to feature a 3-column layout, with a left and right sidebar.
  • DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING Improvements for mobile users, such as the ability to toggle Upcoming Releases and Latest Singles (currently only visible for desktop users).


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