Released 12/30/2017

Key Changes

  • SYSTEM Search bar on header now redirects to the advanced search page to encourage members to use it. This search is much more useful when looking for a specific topic.
  • SYSTEM Polished up the Site Rules. New location is found under the About Us tab.
  • NEW FEATURE Latest Downloads has replaced New Downloads in the Browse dropdown menu. Instead of using the search function to display the latest downloads, it grabs the topics straight from the database and displays them in a convenient and compact way.
  • NEW FEATURE Keep up to date with what we have planned for Kingdom Leaks going forward with our brand-new Feature Plan!
  • COMPLETED Fixed the SSL image proxy that we use to reroute insecure images


Coming Soon - KL 3.1

  • Check out the Feature Plan to see what we have in store for KL!


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