Released 11/07/2017

Key Changes

  • New Theme: We've given Kingdom Leaks fresh, new look it deserves with a new theme. Among other improvements, KL 3.0's theme includes a sticky header that moves with you as you browse the siteSticky header has some functionality issues; will be disabled until fixed.
  • Leaderboard: Under Browse you'll find the community leaderboard. Here you can see who our top members are, all-time or day by day. You'll also see who has "won the day" on members' profile pages.
  • Improved Mentions: On every post, you can now mention other members with ease:
  • Back to Top: Simple and sweet. A nice looking arrow to get you to the top of the page in an instant.
  • Social Info: Now you can add social profile and gaming contact links to your profile! They'll show up on your member card in topics, hover card, and on your profile page. To edit this, click on your profile and then hit "Social Info"
  • Member Colors: Colors for members now show almost everywhere, like on topics.

Security: Two-Factor Authentication

  • We strongly urge you to complete this part of your account. This is a brand new feature and an attempt to secure our site. There are two methods of 2FA currently employed:
    • Google Authenticator: I personally recommend this app which is available on most mobile device platforms.
    • Security Questions: An extra layer of security for your account.
  • If you clicked on the "Opt-Out" button when the alert dialog popped up, you can STILL enable 2FA. Simply visit your Account Settings under the Profile dropdown.

Redefined Staff/New Provider

  • We've reworked our Staff to include members that, although don't post, contribute in other, very important ways. Please welcome (although they have been helping for quite a while) @Billy Mays, our Graphic Designer, and @Aria, who is our new Social Media Manager!
  • We also want to formally welcome and introduce @D666N to the team! He's been with us for a couple weeks now and is doing a great job. Keep it up!
  • Bios! Read about your most humble KL servants on the Staff Directory.
  • (**Sidenote: That dramatic post about how I was leaving,  yadda-yadda. Meh, I'll be around for as long as KL needs me :) )

Other Changes/Improvements

  • Link to previous month added to Upcoming Releases tab.
  • "New Downloads" under Browse now includes Singles.
  • Measures taken to address frequent downtime of the Download Server. Visit KLStatus for more details and updates.
  • TitanEmbeds dropped. Goodbye! Though it won't be missed -  no one used it.


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