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  1. was confused listening to this, really tought it was i prevail, i was mew
  2. After listenning, One Little Lie is the best song on this for me
  3. How is it possible, Omg 3weeks in advance
  4. Wow so much better than their last release
  5. Looks like MGK is going to release his best album so far
  6. I like this, but kinda disapointed we already had 5 songs realeased only 4 new tracks..
  7. Oh wait, is that a.. oh yeah, another reimagined song..
  8. What's this production? The guitar sound like it was recorded in their room.. Still a good song tho
  9. I'm not gonna rate this album cause i don't think my knowledge in post hardcore/metal core is enough. Just giving my opinion, i really enjoyed it, and Hurricane is to me by far the best song on this album and i'll probably play it on repeat for a moment!
  10. Yes but at least he sounds like something, and pop punk singers nowadays really starts to be good at this. I'm not judging for everyone, but only myself, to me its boring when Mark sings
  11. First 2 songs both singing, average/ not that good songs, 3rd song Alex singing only Mark doing backups, song is far better than the others 2. Guess it's time for Mark to understand his voice has nothing special. Really enjoying Adrenaline tho, gave me faith about the Ep
  12. Already deleted every song except Faint, god, this one is epic
  13. Not bad at all, but i'm starting to be sick of all those " reimagine " albums..
  14. Is it just me, or the chorus is litteraly the same melody than a pop song out not so long ago? ... i don't remember the name
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