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  1. All time low - Wake Up Sunshine
  2. Not good not bad, will be forgotten pretty fast unfortunately
  3. On amazon japan, and on the subreddit of the band.
  4. Will we get the japanese bonus track " I hate that for you " ?
  5. Not gonna argue with what every one thinks, to me it's a 10/10, maybe i'm biased, maybe i'm not, but that's the first album i wouldn't throw away any songs, they all fit in perfectly. Aoty for me, even tho, we know it's not gonna happen here, since it's more a metal scene. Stay safe anyway guys, during this time, and enjoy some good music and good leaks!
  6. Any idea why this isn't getting the pop punk tag?
  7. Banger!! Already album of the year to me.
  8. I feel like songs like Hurricane is what defines the most IP, they should keep going on this type of sound, more than anything else
  9. Pretty good song, kellin doing is thing. Yeah i like this
  10. First selena gomez, now demi lovato. Great song tho
  11. Hey, some of the last young renegades is pretty cool !
  12. Not as good as i expected tbh
  13. was confused listening to this, really tought it was i prevail, i was mew
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