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  1. For those interested you can preview every song of the album on itunes.
  2. First Time i hear them, pretty solid, definetly going to give a listen to the EP
  3. @Andydobson12 from what i've seen at least he tries a lil something to remind the fans he still have it in him, but kinda disapointed he didn't put it on the studio version, even if it's not that much
  4. As they said, pretty catchy, guess the album will be a catchy one aswell. Still wondering why he screams live on this song but not on the studio version.
  5. Deadlinks, if anyone could reup this thank youuuuuuu
  6. Kinda disapointed, singles were great but imo i feel like somethings missing for the album to be great.
  7. They teased us about their album out for fall, where they have catchy sounds, and, for the love of everybody heavier sound, screams and every thing we liked about them.
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