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  1. Man I was so excited for this album with the singles...and then when it came out it was just so...bad. Like 90% of songs Cold Hart makes just feel like he wasn't trying at all. Yawns 100% carried this record.
  2. surprised this isn't higher quality since the band is selling copies on tour. Either way, thanks for the leak!!
  3. To be fair that is his birth name.
  4. so this 100% confirms that the LPTOO thing rise has been promoting is Secret Band
  5. looks like this is going on the STOOPID playlist lmao
  6. This was one of my most anticipated releases of last year. Glad to finally get a single/release day for this! I preordered a copy like the second they went up
  7. I found the first half of this album to be fairly enjoyable, but after that I just kind of got bored with it. I like the version of prey for me that they played at their first show at randys donuts a lot better than the one that made the album also if someone who got sent those bsides could hook it up that'd be appreciated
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