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  1. This band is so underrated. Stoked for the record!!!
  2. I didn't mean the entire album was radio rock but a majority of it is, yes. Maybe I'm biased because I grew up in the early days of this genre. Im happy if people can enjoy this record it's just not what I expected this band to turn into after hearing blueprints for the first time. That album will always be my favorite from them.
  3. Here's what I don't understand.... Stitch and The River are their heaviest and also their most popular songs they have...yet they decide to make a radio rock album? Seriously what is this?
  4. This sounds way better then I expected. Hyped for this!!!
  5. This is some good stuff. These dudes are criminally underrated
  6. Honestly such a shame they put all 6 songs from the EP on this album. After the 3 singles there's only gonna be 3 new songs on the album. Kinda a bummer. Regardless still excited should be a great release
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