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  1. This sounds way better then I expected. Hyped for this!!!
  2. This is some good stuff. These dudes are criminally underrated
  3. Honestly such a shame they put all 6 songs from the EP on this album. After the 3 singles there's only gonna be 3 new songs on the album. Kinda a bummer. Regardless still excited should be a great release
  4. Pleasantly surprised with this. Definitely doesn't live up to their previous material but definitely better than that last monstrosity of a single they put out
  5. This is so fucking sick!!! Thanks boys!
  6. Ohhhhhh shit well damn im behind. Theyve Only had 1 other on artery though right?
  7. Wasnt too big on their first album but this is pretty damn good!
  8. cant believe ive never heard of these guys before, this slays!
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