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  1. awesome! toro y moi is genius... 30 minute album eh... i could probably listen to the entire thing during my morning dump thanks a bunch for the FLAC!
  2. something that has the semblance of 320 appears to be out
  3. my apologies for the request, it won't happen again. if it's any justification i was only thinking of the children... a multitude of thanks for your kindness
  4. a sonic masterpiece of this magnitude warrants FLAC... don't you think? please?
  5. outstandingly magnificent! thanks for the upload of the proper!
  6. alright... thanks again, always appreciate the efforts.
  7. i'm sure you've gone over this many times, but isn't the m4a better quality?... the peak on m4a's go up to 22khz while 320 goes up to 20khz, plus the file sizes are smaller... even the inventor of the mp3 said it's an obsolete technology
  8. thanks!.... but track 10 from CD1 - Aux Cord appears to be missing from the m4a
  9. many thanks for this... been waiting a while since reading this review a month ago
  10. wasn't the m4a web rip higher quality than the 320 cd rip?
  11. d'aw.... i was all excited but this is just the stream rip.... back to my cave i go...
  12. awesome! came out a nice half day before expected... thanks again as always
  13. the Portugal the Man album from a couple of weeks ago had 3 tracks that were lossy masters as well... so i guess it's not completely unheard of either way, i'll still be on the lookout for the FLAC of this album over the next while
  14. groovy. right on dude! thanks a lot! your name shall be exalted in the heavens! i have a mushroom trip planned tomorrow and was thinking of having this as my soundtrack... a bad rip would be a bad trip
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