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  1. @スカムです Real fascists or fake ones that the left calls "fascists"?
  2. Chill out guys. It's ONE song. Not a really big fan either. Giving off a michael jackson vibe with this song. They're just branching out a little.
  3. @Nick Its missing Michael! Those screams sound like every other screamer out there. Michael is so unique in his style and his sound.
  4. Met these guys touring with my friends band in like 2014, glad to see how far they've come and grown. Solid.
  5. Not like antifa who claim us Trump supporters are fascists. They don't understand what fascism is.
  6. Billie Joe Armstrong? That's who the singer sounds like. At least in the song Fear.
  7. For real. Why are people complaining about that?
  8. That's the one song on the album that I didn't listen to lol
  9. Only 4 songs were enjoyable for an old MIW fan like me. The Ladder, 570, Hourglass and Eternallly Yours. Disappointed by the rest of this album. I prefer pre Reincarnate MIW.
  10. TERRIBLE. I hate all their stupid manson tribute songs. Creatures and When Love Met Destruction is where it's at.
  11. I didn't know Andrew Garfield was the drummer in a metalcore band. Lol
  12. Sounds kind of like old ASD but a LITTLE different.
  13. I didn't know Nick Jonas was in a pop-punk/melodic hardcore band.....
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