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  1. Aoty Aoty Aoty Aoty Aoty Aoty Aoty
  2. Thank you a million, been waiting for this. Get this up the top!
  3. No one is going to mention the dear diary album? Maybe I never listened to anything from them after that...
  4. I'm pretty sure this is really good, but I need another few songs to really figure it out.. hahahah
  5. Little bit of at the drive in vibes, little too chaotic for me but pretty solid single
  6. This gives me a little mars Volta de-loused in the comatorium vibes, pretty good so far.
  7. As said, vocals grow on you, I think this might be pretty damn good
  8. Boy I feel like if I liked instrumental prog math rock this would be the jam
  9. He's Ernie, in all respects. Sounds like Berts second band for sure. Not complaining, I miss the Used.
  10. This is very worth it, the video is worth it in the end too. Should be up top
  11. I don't usually go for much in this style but this is worth a try even if it's outside your norm.
  12. I hate it when the video ruins the single for me
  13. Super good, underoath vibes, worth a listen
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