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  1. 10/10 they are by far my favorite hardcore/nu metal-inspired metalcore band...this single took my love for them to heights I didn't even think were left to discover
  2. Both songs gave me chills are are instant 10/10's from me. God, I love this band.
  3. Their production lessened in quality IMO, but it's still good! Just sounds a bit strange in ways I can't even really explain. Maybe it's in attempt to sound different than most in their genre
  4. I may be a metalhead (I love all types of music, not even close to an elitist lol), but "Break My Heart Again" is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Been a usual song I listen to almost weekly ever since I heard it like a year ago. Finneas and Billie are some of the only pop I enjoy nowadays, along with Post Malone and Joji.
  5. Farewell, I hope things start looking up for you elsewhere and I'm sorry to hear you felt so unappreciated. Whatever the drama/issues may have been for all this time...that's a rough way to feel overall. Especially if it played a part in making you choose to leave Best of luck to you, Summers.
  6. Really blows he left, bc this new guys' vocals are really really lacking IMO.
  7. Only on track 2 so far and this is already fucking killer. Definitely expected this level of epicness, but damn is it good to hear EDIT: This album blew me away. Their best by far, and that's definitely quite the feat!
  8. Good song! Great direction, but still waiting for something to combat "Purpose to Melody" as their best song haha
  9. Didn't expect so many haters for this tbh. Album is great...what the hell are ya'll hearing? Lol. "Crossroads" isn't good IMO, but that's literally it. The rest are solid af. "Force of Nature" fucking slaps and "Iron Dice" was a super cool surprise in terms of creepiness. "Timebomb" has a great hard rock sound that I love. Solid album overall. The singles were awesome as hell, needless to say. Lots of greatness here. Strong 8.5/10 from me!
  10. "Into the Great Beyond" is absolutely badass. Gonna check this album out ASAP EDIT: This is one of the best metalcore records I've ever, where did this come from?! I'm a sucker of this style and those riffs/screams are TOP-notch. The production is ridiculously epic. 10/10
  11. Not anywhere as close to as good the singles before it IMO, but that's not to say it's bad. Still good, album will be a banger for sure.
  12. This is absolutely awful, what the hell happened? Straight-up electronic pop. And the music video....omfg. Vocalist dancing around like a teenage girl. Oddest change in sound/style I've seen since BMTH. Maybe I'm being too harsh seeing as it's only one song (so far), but damn lmfao.
  13. The production on this reissue is fucking great and clean af...the hell are you listening to this on? I am at a loss for all you've said here lmfao This finally made me LOVE this album. Sounds so goddamn good. Hated the production of the original release back then...this is what I hoped for and more
  14. This is honestly pretty great. A bit on the repetitive side, maybe..but in this style of song's case, I'm okay with it tbh!
  15. Yep, they're in their prime now. So happy lol this is fucking epic
  16. Sooo much better than the previous single, and even that one was really good! Hype
  17. Um....this is fucking incredibly good. Track 4 is a necessity on this masterpiece, please fix lol
  18. Danny Leal's (UABB) brothers' band. Video directed by Ruben Alvarez (UABB).
  19. "Dead Walker Texas Ranger" will probably always be their heaviest track tbh haha
  20. Definitely my favorite album by them. Really really dig the artwork they had done for all the mini-EP's and this official album release, too (especially when you see them all side-by-side as one large photo lol). Their best material to date, easily.
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