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  1. FUCK! Bury Tomorrow is seriously delaying it 3 months?! That's insane. I definitely see the argument that it comes across about being worried about first week sales...and I also get it from the perspective of the artist, as well. But all in all, no way I'd delay. That's just not what I would do, and that's my opinion. Need music more than ever rn..and I was so stoked for Bury Tomorrow. Really a huge letdown that money was more important to the and/or their label here. Not even a digital release online and CD sales later? Just lame.
  2. Nah you're good, I thought this was Noble as well haha
  3. I, for one, am definitely feeling this one. Gonna check out their previous material now fo sho. Damn!
  4. Quality seems a bit weird tbh, cymbals sound like they're underwater haha but I bet the album will be great no matter what. Is this a youtube rip?
  5. I was so confident they'd go full Alt. Rock a couple years ago. I'm so glad that's not the case so far. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some Alt. Rock....but not when the band was so good at going hard haha glad they're packing a punch!
  6. You scared me for a second there Summers hahaha I was so hoping for a new album, glad that's happening!
  7. Wonder why I absolutely love this... Jokes aside, I adored their previous single and this is no exception. These dudes are hidden gems! Check em out, KL!
  8. They are on a WHOLE 'notha level with this album, boys and girls.
  9. He definitley is not still in the band, and hasn't been ever since all that shit happened. Stop trashing the rest of the band for doing nothing wrong and continuing without the pedo. Inform yourself. Even their FB 'About' section shows that there's only 3 members now. I swear, some people...
  10. Same here! I really hope they blow up in popularity. They deserve it, that's for sure!
  11. Awesome! Looking forward to anything by these guys. Kevin's the man also, here's the official single artwork for this track!
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