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  1. Great shit right here, especially "Ratt King"
  2. No, it's literally a direct reference to the song made famous by Lesley Gore in the 60's. Lmao.
  3. Pretty sure Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial is the guest feature on Track 13 ("Democracy Sucks"). Any other hidden guest features?
  4. Yeah I'm hoping the same...that would really suck if it's a pressing issue
  5. Maybe think about specifying to those specific people, rather than "all" of us, if you didn't mean "all" of us. Lol..
  6. Sorry, but this isn't Metalcore. It's Alt. Rock infused Post-Hardcore. I normally wouldn't correct something regarding genres...but calling this Metalcore made me chuckle. Lol there's even a calming saxophone bridge. It's a great song, but Metalcore it is not.
  7. It's meh, imo. Their previous releases were great, loved them. Thought anything new from them would only be an improvement, but eh...nothing great here. Oh well lol still support them, though!
  8. I fucking adore this, idk what you guys are talking about.
  9. h3h3 is the best haha
  10. These dudes are too incredible. Manage to give me chills every single release...
  12. My thought exactly. Thought it was new Exotype at first glance haha
  13. This very well may be my favorite metalcore song in existence. Absolutely 10/10