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  1. Emil back at it again with some bangers (even if they are covers!). They've done all of these covers so well! The Billie Eilish one is fantastic, in particular. 01. Survivor (Destiny's Child cover) 02. Tell It To My Heart (Taylor Dayne cover) 03. Mr. Brightside (The Killers cover) 04. Grenade (Bruno Mars cover) 05. River (Eminem & Ed Sheeran cover) 06. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover) 07. Jesus He Knows Me (Genesis cover) 08. You Should See Me In A Crown (Billie Eilish cover) 09. Jungle Drum (Emiliana Torrini cover) 10. The Hills (The Weeknd cover) 11. We Built This City (Starship cover) 12. Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover) 13. Every You Every Me (Placebo cover) 14. Kids (MGMT cover)
  2. Adept is (was? unsure if they still are) on Nuclear, and they're phenomenal. If you haven't heard them before you should check out the song "Black Veins"
  3. Haven't heard this band before, but their song "Not a Chance" off their YouTube channel is fucking sick, much better than the one linked here on the post IMO. Gonna check this out for sure
  4. This is fucking outstanding. I love it, she's a kickass vocalist and the band clearly knows what they're doing as well. Stoked for a full-length. Hopefully soon!
  5. Fucking kick ass action movie right here, the choreography is absolutely the best I've seen in a shoot-em-up movie.
  6. Yep that's what it is! They're taking the aggression and emotion of bands like Currents and Alpha Wolf and melding them together, it's really good.
  7. Did not expect to hear a Disturbed-esque guitar starting at 0:57. That was sick haha great song overall, album is probably gonna be pretty great!
  8. Such bittersweet feelings listening to this EP. I'll miss them greatly. Their first EP was a masterpiece to me, and this one is also great. RIP Vault 51...gone way too soon dammit.
  9. I just found this guy and honestly I dig his stuff, getting a bunch of it now. Also, I love how all of these comments are from today/yesterday even though this album is 2 years old lmao
  10. Oh yeah their lyrics were ridiculous and cringy as fuck for sure hahaha but yeah, their sound itself was just more interesting to me when it was heavier.
  11. Am I the only one who can't stand how poppy this band went after "We Are the Mess"? They aren't even recognizably the Eskimo Callboy everyone once loved them for lol this is literally pop.
  12. ??? this album cover isn't even bad...there are many bad album covers out there lol this one is fine
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