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  1. 12. Dead Souls (feat. Al Jourgensen of Ministry) **
  2. Extremely similar to Nonpoint in this single lol like...a lil too similar. It's basically Nonpoint.
  3. So excited for this album! This single, and every other one before it, is very very good.
  4. Am I the only one extremely underwhelmed and disappointed by this? It's...sooo bad. I was expecting some awesome material. Wtf is this?
  5. Woahhhhh what the hell...this is a fucking banger! Underrated KL post x10
  6. I hate this song with a passion (hot-take, I know lol)...but I love Matt. This is difficult lmao.
  7. Absolutely better than I expected, and I have always dug them. Great stuff
  8. They certainly are very different now, aren't they? like, I'd never guess this is OIC lol.
  9. Woah...loving that artwork! Gonna check this out
  10. Goddammit I thought it was the album lol stoked for a single tho! EDIT: it's really really good, no surprises there! Gonna be a sick album as a whole for sure.
  11. \m/ so glad to hear the cleans return!! Always loved when they added that to the groovy brutality
  12. Not only is the song fucking bringing me back to the good 'ol days of electronicore's prime...but that video was seriously one of the best music videos ever made solely for the absolute laugh-fest and brilliancy. ESKIMO CALLBOY IS BACK! I have been sad ever since the albums after "Crystals", which was the bridge album for them changing quite a bit...I am so happy right now lol Nico is a beast, always thought he'd be best for this band and here he is! Can't believe it happened. What a great example of a band getting a wonderful second-wind
  13. I thought Bilmuri was good...but this is fantastic as hell.
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