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  1. Well I dig this, sue me lol. Danny Leal's brother is definitely doing his bro proud.
  2. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. I am blown away...this band does no wrong, and this time they've outdone themselves by a long-shot.
  3. That artwork tho...sick as fuck! Gonna give this a listen for sure!
  4. Really digging this! Love the artwork, too
  5. Always wanted a Hard Rock band to cover this great song. Finally happened, and it's really really well-done
  6. Amazing material as per usual @thatonenoob! Always happy to hear more No Ghost
  7. I have had the worst Friday the 13th ever today...but this has brightened my spirits quite a lot. Which is saying something, because fuck today.
  8. One of the best ever in their genre(s). So underrated. Look up the videos/read the lyrics to "Bastard" and "16 Roses"...this band is the realest.
  9. Pure sex. Don't fuckin sleep, people!
  10. Well yeah that doesn't matter at all, I don't need others' approval or anything lol just enjoy the song and noticed many don't. Not like it ruins a day or something lmao