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  1. Jake of Amaranthe is a pretty cool vocalist so I'll check this out!
  2. Was so pleasantly surprised by the beautiful as fuck melody of the chorus in this. This is some quality Nu Metalcore right here!!! Thanks for the tunes @thatonenoob
  3. Saw your comment, eventually got to that song and was hit by that fucking incredible heaviness out of nowhere and began headbanging uncontrollably. Best song on the album for that alone lol
  4. Now it is, but all KL filecrypt links were down earlier
  5. 404
  6. Every link on KL has now been 404'd. Oh shit
  7. Hell yes! Thank you so much!!
  8. These assholes support/encourage crowdkilling at their shows. Also, take a look at that cringy music video attached below the tracklist lol...yeah. Gonna pass on this one for sure. I hardly ever say that, but something is just not right about these clowns.
  9. This is really fucking good. Great blend of hard rock mixed into all their other sounds, and Danny's cleans have improved tenfold. What I love about the screams is how you can tell they aren't being over-produced or enhanced in post...they're just him. Really cool to see (hear haha). 10/10. Hopefully there will be heavier content on the album though!
  10. Well done review! Totally agree with ya
  11. I hope your week turns around for the better! Having one of those weekends as well. ABR will help a bit for sure gotta love music.
  12. This album fucking crushes. ABR can do no wrong, I swear it. They ARE the kings of Metalcore. There is no other way around it. Stunning.
  13. HOLY....dat acoustic though......wow the new guy is a beast. Sucks that KC is a jerk, but OIC is gonna be fine.
  14. Why so much hate for this band? Their last album was sick and this is pretty awesome too
  15. Great album! Been waiting for this one