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  1. Wow KL has less of a sense of humor than ever before in this comment section. Tons of downers in here...Brojob is clearly not to be taken seriously by design lmfao, they're just out to make funny shit in a world of negativity...which is clearly spreading faster than my ass cheeks when Brojob is ready to make 'em clap.
  2. Melodic Prog. Metalcore is a more fitting genre IMO, but damn, this album is really damn good. Loved the previous and most of their other stuff, but the quality here is great! EDIT: Again, I cannot stress enough how fuckin good the production quality is on this album. Their best ever, and better than many albums I've heard in general...anyone know who produced/mixed/mastered this beast??
  3. Dude you NEED to listen to "The Resilient" and "Breathe In Life" if you enjoy this album even slightly! BtM are so good, you'll love those albums by them for sure, especially "The Resilient" since you love the cleans
  4. "TELEKINETIC" isn't fucking around starting at 2:52, and I'm fucking here for it. Hope there are more moments like that on the album, but I love that song, gotta say.
  5. Couple things... 1) It's comical that you think anyone cares whether or not you're gonna check this out. 2) I will say, though, you've made a very bad decision in skipping this simply because other things from larger bands released. Album is tight.
  6. Fucking love the major change It Lives, It Breathes made with the creation of this band. So damn good, and better than anything ILIB ever made tbh. Check out their other singles "Set Me Off" & "Apocalypse", they're even better than this, but this is still really good
  7. (feat. Andrew Patterson of Cortexiphan, Will Ramos of Monument of a Memory, Kyler Cheek of The Stygian Complex, Matt Watkins of Silence Shall Return, Ben Mesler of Angry Reacts Only, & Greg Gilbert of Shrine of Malice) hopefully I got all of those correct lol feel free to add/correct as a reply to this comment!
  8. Fucking love that the members of Brand of Sacrifice/The Afterimage made this. Sounds so fucking perfect for nu metalcore! 10/10
  9. So good as usual...and OZZY?! Goddamn Post.
  10. I've always thought their font choice was so bland and such a strange choice considering their sound...but their music is sick, for sure!
  11. Downloading this bands' discog after checking out previews of their past albums on iTunes. They're so good, how are they not more popular? This is really cool as well, love the contrast of super soft compared to their earlier work, but hope they still have some heavy stuff on this release as well.
  12. I've never heard of them before, and "emoviolence" is a new genre for me, but this is fucking chaotic and sick! Really liking it. Also, there's def some melodic hardcore in the mix of genres, as well. EDIT: this is a fucking masterpiece, wtf? How have I never heard of them before now? 10/10
  13. Starting to think @Frak The Gods just straight-up dislikes good music lmao I just assume when I see a dislike on something I enjoy a lot, it's Frak all jokes aside, really do like this a lot. Solid album that I will listen to multiple times for sure!
  14. This is melodic as hell...really like this a lot!
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