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  1. This is pretty good! I like, I like.
  2. I have never disagreed with someone's comment on here more in my life. Holy are soooo objectively wrong here, opinions aside lmfao.
  3. Soooooooo gooooooood...and my Destiny Raid buddy Ben Duerr is on a track about Destiny haha, killin it as always!
  4. I second all of this, you summed up everything I was wondering as well...hopefully someone knows something we don't and can fill us in here!
  5. Was just about to say the same thing about the whole "wolf/wolves" thing haha
  6. Nope! The band did use his drum kit for the recording, though! He let them use it for the cover
  7. Oh, woah. Nice! Thanks for telling me. That's pretty cool.
  8. The MIW vibes are real, but that's not a bad thing! It's good...some better production and less echo on the vocals would improve this for sure.
  9. Who is the guest vocalist on track 8 at 1:54?
  10. Song at the bottom of the post is sick! Gonna check this one out for sure.
  11. Totally agree, same exact vocal technique, I was thinking the same thing on first listen haha
  12. I knew about Via Vanity/Patient 57...but I can't seem to find Night On Fire anywhere. Mind leading the way? I'm very interested
  13. MY GOD THE THROWBACK. I must've listened to this album a hundred times back then, these guys are the best Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band that never was all thanks to Mediaskare Records. Cunts. I was ecstatic when they leaked the record themselves. What a classic. I can only hope they come back one day, but that will likely never happen. At least we got the album! Thanks KL EDIT: also, I have a veryyyyy rare demo of one of their unreleased tracks if anyone's interested. It's heavier than this whole album, quite epic haha.
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