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  1. This album is extremely good. Also, why do I recognize those cleans so vividly? Who does this guy sound like, besides Bury Tomorrow?
  2. Wait....I thought the snippet of video was taken from the girls' OnlyFans in July of 2020, in which the vid is 4+ minutes long after the kissing part, and she's actually fully into it saying "fuck me! Fuck me!" while they go at it? People on Twitter bought her OF and said this was a total cancel-culture setup and that she even posted it to pornhub for a while.....I don't know what to believe anymore. if it was rape, or any form of genuine assault, obviously fuck this cunt. That goes without saying. EDIT: all of this aside, the album is fucking badass...but that just makes me sad rather than happy at all. Goddammit.
  3. This album is so fucking good that I can't even think straight because my head is banging harder than two teenagers after quarantine ends. My AOTY justttttt behind Currents' release so far. Absolutely crushes, as I expected. They better get ALL the recognition they deserve, and then some from this masterpiece.
  4. I actually really like this, and it's the heaviest thing David Draiman has recorded in yearssss lol
  6. Listened for Carlo of BoS, and he definitely was the main thing I enjoyed in the song. Not bad but...meh lol
  7. Ayyeee already got all these like 3 days ago but nice. Hope more people that somehow haven't heard of them before (like me till 3 days ago lol) check this out
  8. What are the odds I jsust found out this band exists their discog downloaded tonight (15min ago I finished transferring into iTunes)....and now they release a single? After a 14 year hiatus?! EDIT: Ah, I see this is their 2nd single after a 13 year hiatus. Well, I found them at the best time ever I guess lmao. Can't believe I never heard them before now. Absolutely blows my mind. Same with 40 Below Summer. I missed out as a teen lol
  9. Easily one of the best albums I've heard this year, for the simple fact that it crushes and meets almost every one of my 'heaviness' needs. Solid shit right here, with great production!
  10. Here's their new single, absolutely fucking CRUSHES. Surprised this isn't on the site yet!
  11. Still miss 'Ready, Set, Fall!'...but this is very good!
  12. That intro instantly sent a rush of blood to my southern hemisphere
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