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  1. Hey it's my favorite Pop-Punk band, Tremonti!
  2. That's awesome, man! Definitely interested, I'll check it out right now
  3. Been away for two weeks, catching up on my KL and boy was I happy to see this released. Much love, such a phenomenal album
  4. He's also the ex-vocalist of one of my old favorites, Ovid's Withering. Too bad one of the founding band members was a total pervy fuck. Band was so sick. I am beyond stoked to listen to this!
  5. Is the guest feature Ben Mueller the same Ben Mueller from the folky-sounding project Low Ceilings? Because that's one helluva unique guest spot if so lmao
  6. So. Goddamn. Epic. As always with Orbit Culture!
  7. Hell yeah, man! I wish you could do that as well haha cannot wait to hear the full-length. Best wishes to you and the rest of No Ghost \m/
  8. God I love this band. Rock on as always @thatonenoob
  9. "Erase the Sun" has always been one of my main jams, glad they are still kicking ass!