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  1. This is sick! Hopefully not too overlooked by KL, don't skip out on this one!
  2. Hardcore meets Alt. Metal?!?! What a fucking dream come true. I love genre-bending experiments like this, and this example of changing shit up definitely works IMO.
  3. This is so fucking good...the more I listen, the more I don't want it to end.
  4. Holy shit. So stoked for this!
  5. Watch her music video for the recent 2019 single "Happy" (not "Happy Days"), attached below. It's dark alt. pop, catchy in a 'nu' kinda way. And then there's this album.....which is entirely veryyy strange, and not even close to the vibe of the single "Happy" lol needless to say, this is not her best work, but thanks for the titties I guess? (even though they're soooooo much better in the music video for "Happy" lmao).
  6. First album from Norma Jean that I've heard in full and thoroughly enjoyed in its entirety. Literally only have one other song from them (and it's one that I love), "Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes". And now, I have this full album. This is a very special album right here, as many seem to agree. 9/10. Also: 13. Anna (feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet)
  7. This is sick! They experimented with the rock-infusion mostly in "American Tragedy" (see the track "S.C.A.V.A."), then yet again in the album "Notes from the Underground", but then totally dropped it after that for like 2 or so albums that I didn't really enjoy. Made me so sad. Now they're back with a total hard rock/rap rock/nu metal sound?! FUCK YES. What I always wanted from them. I do hope the quality increases when the album is out, though....this is just a bad quality rip, right?
  8. FUCKING HELL. New fan of these guys, this is sick!
  9. I just knew this album would be incredible. So...freaking...goooooooood.
  10. It's so cheesy, yet I can't help but get chills. Fucking love this band. 10/10 single, have listened to it 4 times in a row so far and going on a 5th lmao
  11. Homeboy's like 19 years old and he's out here emulating Lucifer's of the band seems young too. Crazy talent! Shrine of Malice & Shadow of Intent are dominating this genre, goddamn!
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