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  1. Terror Universal - Make Them Bleed (2018)

    This is sick as fuck The album art is dumb, but the music is some pretty good Alt. Metal/Nu Metal
  2. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

    If any of these songs are as good as "You're So Wonderful" or "French 75"....then I will be pleasantly surprised. Those songs are too good. Fingers crossed! Haha EDIT: This album is fuckin' sick! The heaviness of Nu Metalcore/Industrial Hardcore with the Alt. Metal/Hard Rock influence thrown into the album works sooo well for them. I dig this sound a lotttt.
  3. Harms Way - Call My Name (Single) (2018)

    Thanks @LKA! I appreciate it I'll check these out for sure
  4. Harms Way - Call My Name (Single) (2018)

    Holy fuck! Is this what Sludge Metal usually sounds like? Or are these guys just really special and adding a more Hardcore sound to the Sludge than most bands? I guess I've somehow never actually heard the genre before, only seen it. This is fucking heavy.
  5. Black Veil Brides - Vale (2018)

    "Throw the First Stone" "The Outsider" "Vale (This Is Where It Ends)" "My Vow" Best songs (if not the only good ones) off the album in my order. Derives from the story order, but still. "Throw the First Stone" is fucking epic though, seriously good.
  6. Resist the Thought - Set Me Free [Single] (2018)

    What a fucking phenomenal surprise. 2018, hell yes, keep this shit up and we may have one truly special year in music coming our way!!!
  7. Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Single) (2018)

    Uhhh...this is literally Alt. Metal, BRDSX. There is no need for them to "be careful". There is nobody to be careful toward at all. It's just a genre. A genre of Metal.
  8. Jinjer - A Plus Or A Minus (Single) (2018)

    This is fucking awesome. Glad they're re-releasing their old album with such good production
  9. WeDivide - R.E.R.D (2018)

    Good proggy stuff right here
  10. Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Single) (2018)

    If this single is ANY representation of what is to come via a new album...this album is going to be the best Alt. Metal record of 2018, probably tied with Disturbed's 2018 Acoustic EP if that's as good as I'm hoping it will be (which I'm sure it most certainly will be).
  11. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    **IN ABSOLUTELY NO PARTICULAR ORDER** Currents, "The Place I Feel Safest" Wage War, "Deadweight" Shadow of Intent, "Reclaimer" Thy Art Is Murder, "Dear Desolation" She Must Burn, "Gloom" Motionlss In White, “Graveyard Shift” Starset, "Vessels" The Beautiful Exchange, "Not As Dead As We Used to Be" The Wise Man's Fear, "The Lost City" August Burns Red, "Phantom Anthem" Eldest 11, "Diadem" Wild Fire, "Revolt" Betraying the Martyrs, "The Resilient" The Gloom In the Corner, "Homecoming" (EP) - I'm surely missing a few, but these are at the top of my head
  12. BROJOB - Talk Shit Get Kissed (2018)

    Brojob is God.
  13. The Beautiful Exchange - Not as Dead as We Used to Be (2017)

    Don't sleep on this, it's a very good metalcore album. Caught me by surprise! Loving it.
  14. Defecto - Nemesis (2017)

    Talk about unique! Metalcore-infused Heavy Metal? With classic Heavy Metal vocals? I dig it.