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  1. Sweet! Thank you, got their stuff off bandcamp. Pretty sick
  2. Good song! Hoping for more heaviness come full album release..as a lot of previously-heavy bands have been letting down on that front for a while now (with the exception of All That Remains coming back in full force recently), but I enjoy this and I’m sure this album is gonna be sick doesn’t have to be “heavy” to be good, of course.
  3. After "Vices & Virtues" I thought they'd be the next great Alt. Metal/Hard Rock band. But then they changed a bit. I'll still check this out tho for sure. Just hoping it sounds like their 2011 release but it likely doesn't I'm sure.
  4. Had to make two separate genre tags for this band having a female as a singer? Dude your genre tags on the past 2 posts are questionable lol 'rock' on a death metal album, and now 'female fronted/vocal', as if that's a genre at all. Guess we should start putting 'male' as a genre then..? Never understood this.
  5. Wow, my fucking heart. Don't know what I expected...their self-titled eventually grew on me a little bit, but this is just straight-up Alt. Rock/Pop Rock using the famous name of a Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band that used to be. Don't get me wrong, I support them and always will because they're good at what they do with whatever they do (and I even really love Alt. Rock most of the time)...but bands like AA and BMtH (IN MY OPINION) should absolutely change their name when doing drastic shit like this instead of switching over when the name got famous from a particular sound that fans adored in the first place. I'll still check this album out, and the other singles, but I think it's safer now than ever to assume the AA we all knew is officially dead, and this new AA is a totally different start using the same name for further fame and accessibility.
  6. Huge fan of the bright green-on-black color scheme in the art, love nu metalcore, gonna check this out soon fo sho
  7. Lmaoooo 45 would take a bit too much time, so my top 3 favorites are definitely "Remember", "Darkness", and "Dehumanized"
  8. @thatonenoob MY BOIS. I may be a few hours late, but don't think I'm not hyped for more No Ghost! \m/ this is so damn good
  9. Ew. I hope they go back to the sound they had before in their full-lengths...will be sad if they don't. Oof.
  10. Holy...REALLY like this. Those vocals are just so relentless. 'Lost Isles' was so great with this dude's pipes at the forefront.
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