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  1. best metalcore album of the year. These will be huge.
  2. One of the best albums I've heard this year. Yer man on vocals' voice is so distinctive and the songs are anthemic as fuck
  3. Wonder when it'll be announced that Josh has joined Architects full time
  4. to each their own, we all like different things of course! to be more descriptive, yer man is basically a placeholder for when you can't recall someone's name
  5. awful, awful, awful. to sum it up, it's like yer man on vocals decided to make My First Pop Album with some bedroom producer (the production is poor btw, not what you expect of a 'band' of their size) who's listened to the radio for a while recently and fancies himself at making a pop album with all the EDM shit that seems to be attached these days to the genre. The other members must have been down the pub when he was tracking and forgot to record their parts so they skipped them. The hooks are uninspiring, the lyrics are the blandest drivel you expect in 2017 and the music is so dull man. Christ, it's so unoriginal for a pop album. They did nothing new on this album, changing genre and copying everyone in it is not being creative or bold. Just split up and leave Chester to make this drivel by himself. Maybe the other lot might do something interesting... thanks for the links though
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