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  1. mum - son, there is something i need to tell you chunk no captain chunk - yeh wot? mum - you have a twin brother chunk no captain chunk - k
  2. Same with A Change of Pace. Prepare the Masses was lit
  3. I too was WOW'd by Taking Back Sundays performance. As in WOW this sounds like a cover band full of dad's at the local pub. Terrible cover, sounds nothing like Taking Back Sunday, whats happened to his voice? Sad
  4. much better than half the stuff in there at the moment
  5. feel really sorry for these guys that this leaked so early but pink snot sounds great! sounds like a return to form
  6. much better than a recently released "beatdown hardcore" album
  7. All that being said, it doesn't make this a good song.
  8. pOsT mAlOnE dOeSnt LiKe tHe iNteRNet absolute trash.
  9. Am i the only one who really likes the new cut of "Out Of It"? IMO if they left the earlier version as it was it would have sounded quite out of place (production wise) with the rest of the album. Big fan!
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