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  1. Imagine thinking that downvoting people who dont rate a bands new music is the moral high ground. A Day to Remember play a Pop Punk song, fuck me, the cheek of it. the kids: "GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS" The Used whisper for 3 minutes over finger clicking and xylophones and its revolutionary
  2. this is even worse than the new ADTR single. welp
  3. People complaining about how they're not as heavy as they used to be is TRADITION for every upcoming ADTR album!
  4. Damn, thought this was like a Blink B-sides or remix album for a second based on the art. How wrong i was
  5. Mumble-core. literally could not understand a single word from the bro in the tanktop
  6. Thanks. Stay Up was a jam, hope the rest is just as good!
  7. anyone know why the track "Low" was not included on this album?
  8. im aware m8, it just seems overly unnecessary and pointless to reference the track based on that instead of simply wasting time. It literally opens with "WASTING TIME" but hey lets just colloquially refer to a song as something that does not even feature in the lyrics at all for no apparent reason but to be edgy
  9. "Eternal Summer" ?? the track is called Wasting Time, dont see why you would feel the need to reference it like that. Bit lame
  10. I feel the same way about "Shine On" from Amity Affliction. Welp
  11. SO?? aren't you capable of making your own opinions?
  12. whats your point? it seems like you just wanted to name drop? cool
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