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  1. i think we get it. fat girl is fat and is proud of it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. just sayin. the last album had like 30 tracks. there is no way they would release a 9 song full length.
  3. what does your dad have to do with the new blink album?
  4. go straight to pin the grenade and run away. you wont be disappointed.
  5. all i can say is that this slaps the new FOB
  6. sorry if a bloke named clarence who froths over a female fronted pop band yet gives his dissatisfaction over a grayscale album is not valid to me. spud
  7. Same dude. Did not expect much but this is a throwback. Catchy as hell, im loving it
  8. why are people so hung up on what it is or what it isn't? edge lords pretending that they are to cool for some pop punk, yet they are still here in this thread anyways. enjoy the band, or don't, but stop trying to force your subgenre interpretations onto others
  9. have to disagree, drug and strange love were straight up pop punk songs that could have been on any all time low album. this new stuff is not that
  10. i swear thats mark hoppus on the bridge amirite?
  11. looks like i have my AOTY right here
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