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  1. I feel the same way about "Shine On" from Amity Affliction. Welp
  2. SO?? aren't you capable of making your own opinions?
  3. whats your point? it seems like you just wanted to name drop? cool
  4. just name dropping 3 bands isnt an answer, examples of the tracks they have made together with bands they are touring with? its not as common as your are making it out to be
  5. you "must" pre order?? are you stuck in like 2002 or something mate? why would there be any need to pre order an album in 2019? is your local store going to sell out?
  6. nope, me too. came here just to ask where fiona is (hotty) and how drunk is frank atm?
  7. let me get this right. so you feel like a boss because you listened to a minute and a half of a 2:20 song? so strong so brave
  8. i think we get it. fat girl is fat and is proud of it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. just sayin. the last album had like 30 tracks. there is no way they would release a 9 song full length.
  10. what does your dad have to do with the new blink album?
  11. go straight to pin the grenade and run away. you wont be disappointed.
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