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  1. i dont even care about the song but fuck you
  2. I am so excited for the Kurt Travis track and the album in general lol The self titled is my favorite album of theirs, but each album is a bit different. Instant Gratification is closer to their current sound and absolutely incredible.
  3. bladee/drain gang - D&G the drums - abysmal thoughts lil uzi vert - luv is rage 2 tyler the creator - scum fuck flower boy groundislava - endless voyage charli xcx - pop 2 krallice - go be forgotten the body - a home on earth diet cig - swear I’m good at this paramore - after laughter
  4. Same. Im curious if she even knows about it, I havent seen her post anything lol. I'm not really feeling the song
  5. ive been so ready for this. all the singles have been LIFE
  6. is this 45 songs long so if you actually listen to it theres a higher percentage youll find at least 1 song u like?
  7. im not saying they're top 4 but just because its pop doesnt mean its garbage. im listening to this and the new counterparts and marilyn manson lol
  8. Anyone who wants to hear this I would suggest please wait for 320 !!! U cant listen to lana w/ 128kbps lol
  9. wait why does this sound like a christian metal album lol
  10. Encyclopedia wasn't my favorite of theirs. I think this record could grow on you if you're looking for catchy melodies. I thought Blood under my belt was their catchiest since money. But I love the whole thing. Some standouts for me are Ill fight for your life, rich kids, and abysmal thoughts.
  11. Best cover art of 2017 and from hearing the singles possibly best record. So excited.
  12. IM SHAKING. Their self-titled was my favorite of theirs by far, been waiting to hear this.