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  1. Thank you been waiting to hear these all day :O
  2. Way better then alot of the recent shit they have been putting out.
  3. Is the source on this from the download code in the vinyl?
  4. Haha its sold out. Dont think this was made on cd.
  5. Listen to the chorus of letters to god by boxcar racer then listen to this chrous. Love the song tho. I wont lie, i wont sin, maybe i dont wanna go. Cant you wait, maybe i dont wanna go.
  6. I hope the music is better then this album art 🤣
  7. It's sad I loved this band (first 3 lps) just cant get into any of the recent stuff to save my life glad they have the fan base they do but If I wanna listen to this style of music I'll just listen to Portugal the man.
  8. Getting my vinyl tomorrow cant wait to blast this!
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