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  1. I did not care for the last album but this one i dig. Not hard but enough that i will spin it at least for the month. Curious to see what this second album sounds like.
  2. I would rank them slightly different only being ever after being 1 and astoria being 2 but agree. These dudes just put out solid after solid release. I think this one just lacks content which is why it is falling flat for me in comparison to the others. Just not enough tracks. Ya know?
  3. Cant wait to hear what the boys cooked up this time around! Paul Leavitt is doing the mixing on this one i dont know if he produced as well but maybe thats why this sounds so much like the older albums.
  4. Thank You! Cant wait for my vinyl to show up!
  5. Really enjoying this one. Was a strange first listen tho not knowing what to expect haha.
  6. also the tribalisim ep. i have both of these if you want them for this post.
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