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  1. Really didnt like his last two but im down with this.
  2. I miss just surrender but this will do!
  3. Very curious on how this album is going to turn out after hearing this one.
  4. OMG THANK YOU!!! So excited to listen to this one!
  5. I've been a tdwp fan plagues and the only album I didnt care for was transit. I dont hate that album but aside from a few songs is my least favorite. This album rules and I'm glad they are still here to provide the jams.
  6. My most anticipated for friday just came early. Loving this album. Thanks for the upload!
  7. Could you elaborate why you feel this way. I dont feel like this album is that big of a jump from atonement... not picking fights or anything just curious as to why you say that.
  8. Really really enjoying this album.. dont get the hate.
  9. Sounds like something off of peach club.
  10. love everything about this song just preordered and this is the first time ive done that since dead throne.
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