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  1. I just sent crash a link with those files so they should be up soon.
  2. Common Dreads and Flash Flood were peak for me but i enjoyed mind sweep and i actually am loving this album more and more with each listen. Mind was good but had no lasting power.
  3. Yeah i use to feel the same way then i listened to the music more and it started to hit me. I hated the devil for a good 4 years revisited and loved it. Give it a chance.
  4. So good i bought it twice. Rip Brand New.
  5. check your pms.
  6. This will help with the time till I get my vinyl in the mail thank you!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Albums dope.
  9. Thank you!! Love these guys and every album they have put out considering the singles i will dig this one as well.
  10. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
  11. This was when they changed there name to a war within but another band had that name so then they finally settled on wage war. I have 6 songs im currently upping to zippyshare.
  12. Not that I'm aware of these demos were what they used to send to labels and then didn't use them on blueprints they are really br00tal from what I remember
  13. I have to set up the comp with the files o them but I will post them when I'm not as busy!
  14. Short but I do love this. There hometown shows are dope af they played this album in full back in January for us.
  15. I have 6 demos prior to blueprints if anybody wants to hear them. My buddy hangs with these guys on the reg and went to high school with them so he gave me the mp3's prior to them getting signed and they are sitting on my old comp. If ppl are interested ill link them up.