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  1. kinda sad that this would've been the album peep would've been on rip still a good album though.
  2. They aren't new in any form of the word, they formed in 2004. They have 4 albums + like 6 EP's, SWMRS are Emilys Army, they just changed their name but it's the exact same members.
  3. kinda sus how her music has changed form again since the mars argo case kek
  4. honestly this is trash and doesn't even sound like peep this is ILoveMakonen & Fall Out Boy ft. Lil Peep, not Lil Peep & ILoveMakonen ft. Fall Out Boy
  5. They disbanded in Jan. 2005, in 2014 they merged as a 'super group' (without Charlie) with the band McFly and made McBusted, after seeing how successful that was they ended up getting together again, released the horrid album that was Night Driver (honestly, it was bad) and now it looks like they've realised that people are really into early 2000's pop again.
  6. I wasn't saying it was an album, I was just saying that what you said was technically wrong - retard.
  7. An album is a collection of music that is 6 or more tracks and longer than 25 minutes. That's in the industry standard.
  8. FYI, according to Fish Narc this isn’t the master, these may be pre-prod
  9. I really hope this isn't the master copy.... the production is horrendous
  10. Why more X? It's a lil peep song, there's actually more X on this than they're should be. They cut a lot of peeps' parts out. It's an official song, but it's actually called 'Sunlight on your skin', its' part of peep and makonnen's currently unreleased album, after peep died X wanted to do a song with him so they mashed a verse X did together with the song, so it's 'official', but it's not the original version. You'll be glad to know that the original 'sunlight on your skin' is apparently getting released within the next few weeks. You can hear the unmastered weird leak version here if you want to give it a try now, it has a bit more peep in it, but yeah. See above reply to Jeff. ============= Honestly I like X's music, but this is fucking hot trash. This should never have been mashed together.
  11. idk why people enjoy this so much, its genuinely such a shit track
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