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  1. Really excited for this. Hoping for a continuation or an evolution of the last record's sound (don't really expect it tbh) but I'm sure I'll enjoy this regardless.
  2. Awesome EP. Hoping for even more music to come out of this band.
  3. Incredibly happy with how this album turned out. Didn't catch the singles, as usual for me, and just can't deny this catchy ska goodness here.
  4. Incredible debut full-length for such an unrecognized band. I honestly hope this gets them more of the attention they deserve.
  5. Very surprised by this album's leaking so early but not upset in the slightest; incredible album, as always, from a great band. Reminds me that I need more Cradle of Filth merchandise.
  6. Is there a gas leak in here
  7. I truly am one with the ball.

  8. Definitely digging this but could see the band putting out a much better release down the line; I can hear quite a bit of potential here.
  9. This is a lot better than the live version, but regardless it's still nothing brilliant.
  10. I am a good boy.

    1. Shiba Inu

      Shiba Inu

      Yes you are.

  11. Honestly the only negative thing about this release is how repetitive the violin can be as it sounds quite the same throughout each song. REGARDLESS, this EP is an excellent listen and you need to check it out. Not a bad song out of the five here.
  12. Feels like these days funky post-hardcore influenced Swan-core instrumental bands are a dime-a-dozen; however, this new Chon record is incredibly smooth and a wonderful listen that deserves repeated listen and absolutely doesn't get old.
  13. Been jamming this for a while now; definitely a nice album if you're into what Dying Fetus do, otherwise it's not the easiest record to get into. It's an acquired taste.
  14. I wish the vocalist would use their range a bit more often but regardless it's a solid listen. Instrumentally awesome; EP almost has a Fit For A King feel.
  15. Sounds like a b-side from Of Mice & Sorry's album, Sorry World. but no seriously it does and with that I have to say it sounds very boring and uninspired.