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  1. Hoping this is good. Annoying amount of features though
  2. Doesn't help that the song they're covering sucks in the first place and has already been covered 10x
  3. Somehow This ones not half bad
  4. Pretty early for a new single. Didn't like this much after hearing it live, maybe this will sound better
  5. Thanks! Happy Father's Day to me
  6. And they continue their decline...
  7. Tight butthole
  8. Father's Day song, so makes sense. Not bad for what it is
  9. Ha I remember my first time hearing smashed into pieces, loved them ever since.
  10. Thanks one of my most anticipated for this year!
  11. Well hello beautiful
  12. Yeah tbh this isn't all that great
  13. Nice! Loved them back in the day
  14. I'm just here for RIvers
  15. Thanks!
  16. Good album quality sounds fine no complaints here thanks!
  17. Liking this one. Good stuff
  18. Used to love these but that track list sucks. This cover isn't very good at all
  19. Nice. Been a while hope this is good
  20. Loved their last album but not so sure about this
  21. Very good. Pleasently surprised
  22. Yeah some are sincere some aren't. I never believed TDWP were Christian. I think they just used the claim to get Christian and non-Christian fans. Same with a lot of bands. It's unfortunate
  23. Thanks so much love anything this guy does