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  1. Josey Scott lives in the same small town in Oklahoma as me lol him and his wife work with my wife now at a mental health clinic
  2. Can’t get enough of these guys! Thanks
  3. Loved their first 2 songs. Reminds me of the old senses fail. Totally thought their band name was speak the truth and the EP was titled even if your voice shakes lol
  4. Rather disappointing
  5. Thanks! Been looking forward to this one!
  6. Too funny yeah that ending sucked
  7. Awesome to see these guys back! Can't wait to listen
  8. Almost makes me wish they stayed gone trying to ruin their legacy!
  9. They weren't ever great but so sad how far they've fallen. This is uninspired garbage. Did they even try??
  10. Different but still really digging it
  11. Thanks! Can't wait to listen
  12. Pretty good stuff. When coffee at midnight was first released I thought it was a dude singing till I saw the video lol
  13. My overall favorite all time band I'm a hardcore fan but this is bad... I'm going to agree that this is another "Hurley" they should've been able to nail a song about The Beach Boys, and this is like one of the songs that they sound the least like them
  14. Ugh this already