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  1. Yeah gotta be his 1000th album in this last year
  2. They're big on YouTube for doing covers of all the popular songs
  3. Cool some of it sounds the same and some is different not bad overall though
  4. So is it just the same band with a new name?
  5. Hopefully this is better than the last couple garbage singles they released
  6. Never get tired of these guys. Glad they haven't felt the need to change their sound
  7. Totally forgot about this guy ha. Started the video and didn't get fat before having to turn it off, somewhat disturbing
  8. The songs that are actually rock songs are good
  9. Waste of their talent and what they're capable of as a band
  10. Yeah I find myself liking more stuff like this the older I get haha
  11. Liking the video, reminds me of Judah & the lion
  12. Just don't like the band name that really can't be smart or dumb
  13. Really good song but not feeling the band name