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  1. Loving the video definitely gotta check this out
  2. This is amazing everyone needs to check this out. Especially Corpus Christi one of the sickest breakdowns and the dudes vocals are amazing
  3. Oh wow this is so sad but I understand as a husband and father of 5 myself. Been visiting this site religiously for over 5 years, I’m definitely going to miss it and all the music and comments. Thank you guys so much for everything.
  4. This is good stuff. If you told me it was a new ASD album I’d believe you
  5. Ikr and before that they were ADTR style
  6. Not very good. The singing and the music don’t even go together
  7. Never heard of these guys but this slaps, def worth checking out
  8. Nice. Been looking forward to this one
  9. I remember the super Christian pop punk days haha
  10. better than their last couple, but still don’t get all the hype
  11. I rode a horse here, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyways love love love this
  12. Very chorus heavy, but that might be good because those other vocaLs aren’t great
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