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  1. Love these guys. Thought they stole OIC artwork at first glance lol
  2. Like the heaviness. Almost gave up when I heard that weird guitar intro glad I stuck it out
  3. Dang she just dropped an album.
  4. Hell yeah, day=made. One of the few things Oklahoma has to be proud of
  5. I totally thought blink also, couldn’t pinpoint the song, maybe dammit
  6. It’s alright. Sounds like a solo project
  7. Nice I love these guys. Didn’t realize they were still going
  8. Agreed. I still remember the first time I listened to curses, was totally blown away
  9. Shit yeah this is awesome. My day is now made thanks so much loooooove me some weezer
  10. I didn’t expect much but it was even worse than I thought. No matter what artist put this out it’s just not all that good
  11. Used to love his stuff, hopefully this is more up to par with his older stuff
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