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  1. Sounds like the last album but a little heavier
  2. Damn sad to hear they lost that guy but I understand why. Hopefully they’re still decent loved that last album
  3. Not too bad actually. Been hearing it on the radio a lot here
  4. Always welcoming to new TEN looking forward to the album
  5. Damn without me starts out exactly like downfall of us all
  6. I totally thought they were talking about the animal in me the other day and wondered why they were hyping that lol
  7. Cleans do remind me of the used a lot. Not too bad
  8. Confused by dashboard. While it’s one of my favorite songs, it was already acoustic. Hand grenade basically was before also
  9. Agreed lol some of these don’t work at all for us mobile users
  10. Happens to me all the time. I’ve found you can do the anonymous one, you just have to click on copy url and paste it in browser and that’ll take you to the page that’ll let you DL
  11. I like it but do agree it’s not up there with their last album
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