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  1. So he’s went from saying fuck the police, to telling them who to arrest
  2. Like this sound almost has a southern rock thing to it. I’ll have to check out their previous works
  3. Pretty decent album but don’t understand why it was hyped so much
  4. The everglow was amazing. This will be great even if it’s half as good
  5. Always digged their stuff, thanks!
  6. Vid days January 18. Pretty decent stuff here, heavier than I expected
  7. Not too bad. Wish it were just a new album we all already have all these songs lol
  8. I will say it’s better than can’t knock the hustle at least
  9. Reminded me of when amber pacific changed vocalists. Both original vocalists were much better
  10. Damn was just wanting something new from these guys but disappointed to hear about the vocalist... won’t be the same
  11. All about those consonants, no vowels. Not too bad though
  12. First single sucked but I’ll still give them a shot. Thanks!
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