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  1. Awesome don’t mind having this early. Hopefully better than the last album!
  2. Always liked this guy. Still remember listening to dc talk way back when when I was kid
  3. Still nowhere near as good as their old stuff
  4. Not what I expected it to sound like but pleasantly surprised. Pretty good stuff
  5. I’ve been a hardcore fan since 94, and I just know they can do much better than this. I’m not wanting a #2 of any album just another good rock album from them. Ewbaite and white album were awesome idk why they’re doing this stuff.. but if it makes them happy so be it. I’m still going to love them but still know they’re capable of much more
  6. Hope this is good! Definitely miss MCS
  7. Ugh they’re just pissing me off at this point with this garbage
  8. I really like it. Nothing groundbreaking but done very well
  9. Don’t understand why they went and tried to fix what wasn’t broken.
  10. Not really that bad, but I came in with no expectations. Sounds like they listened to a lot of P.O.D / linkin park and went from there
  11. Used to love these guys must check this out
  12. Love emery thanks so much
  13. Hell yeah thanks. Been waiting on this one for a while high expectations