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  1. Thanks! Made my Monday! Been looking forward to this since the ep dropped
  2. Mest - Broken Down II (2017)

    Thanks! Love mest
  3. Sparks The Rescue - When It Thunders (2017)

    Nice thanks! I’ve missed these guys
  4. Sleep On It - Overexposed (2017)

  5. Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues (Deluxe) (2017)

    I had a hard time wrapping my head around it taking 5 members to make this music but now 7?? How...?
  6. Hit The Lights - Believe In Me (Single) (2017)

    No one can DL it listened on YouTube and it’s definitely different. Starts off heavy for them
  7. Ashes Remain - Let The Light In (2017)

    Wow, anyways... thanks for this
  8. Weezer - Pacific Daydream (2017)

    Exactly why try to fix what isn’t broke
  9. Weezer - Pacific Daydream (2017)

    Heck yes thanks been waiting on this. Even though the first 5 songs have been disappointing they’re still my all time favorites
  10. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - New Sunrise (2017)

    I see they went all out on that artwork
  11. The Plague - Hope for the F.U.T.U.R.E. (2017)

    Not too terrible. A lot of catchy songs
  12. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    Thanks! Can’t wait to listen!
  13. Asking Alexandria - Where Did It Go? (Single) (2017)

    Where did their ablilty to make a good song go
  14. Emery - Revival: Emery Classic Reimagined (2017)

    Heck yes love emery even if just re imaginings
  15. Misery Signals - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)

    Had forgotten about these guys. Haven’t heard this in at least 5 years def gonna check it out again