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  1. Definitely their best stuff in years. Wish it had some bigger choruses but still A pretty good album Nonetheless
  2. Only thing wrong with this is it’s only 5 songs. Love it
  3. Hell yeah this is what I was waiting for. Thanks
  4. Thank god, don’t think we had any band names referencing wolves in the last day or two
  5. Love this hadn’t had any good pop punk / easycore albums for a while. Fun album
  6. Enjoyed this a lot more than expected not bad
  7. Awesome thanks one of my all time favs
  8. I saw that and was hoping that meant a surprise drop
  9. So much better than last 2 albums. Making me get excited for Weezer again
  10. Dang thought it was something new for a second
  11. More meh. Not even anticipating this album anymore
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