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  1. Same guys that released light a match for I deserve to burn? Loved that album
  2. Don’t go to Iran, you shouldn’t be going there anyway 😂😂
  3. Too bad we’re missing the Maylene 😞
  4. Seems kinda basic but still decent. They can do better
  5. Not bad but listened through and when it ended I was left thinking, that’s it?
  6. Literally worst thing I’ve ever fucking heard
  7. Not a great song but gotta give him props for sticking to what he believes in.
  8. I thought they disbanded since the vocalist went solo as a country artist
  9. So glad to see they’re still putting stuff out. One of my all time favs they never disappoint
  10. This and the ep they released since that album are both awesome. Their first couple eps are good too, the full length is the only stuff they released with the female vocals and seems they were trying to go more mainstream
  11. Dang sucks it isn’t a full length, but I’ll take it. Thanks!
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