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  1. Good stuff. We are triumphant is signing a lot of good bands
  2. Love it. Thinking this was the band that some/one of the guys were tom confide
  3. Very underwhelming. Not very heavy. Sounds like a new korn album
  4. Thanks! Haven’t been too keen on their newer stuff but still gonna give it a try
  5. Nice I’m glad they’re back. Thought they Changed their name to no love or something dumb
  6. Love these guys but the genre tags got me scared
  7. I remember seeing a YouTube clip showing sparks the rescue doing cover songs, then it never came out lol maybe that’s what happened
  8. Anberlin needs to come back. He’s so much better with an actual band playing
  9. Omg iTunes now says may 7, 2021!! For the release date wtf
  10. Album artwork is on point though 😂
  11. Their own ep wasn’t bad but this isn’t good
  12. But this wasn’t the sound I was waiting for...
  13. Heck yes loved that last album been waiting for this
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