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  1. @Physyadelic Thank you. Your review arouse my interest for the album. And I´m really enjoying it. Great, great debut !!
  2. Definitely yes: Solid album. Great production. Oustanding voice.
  3. You made my day. Waiting for this ! Thans. PS: The link is down.:-( @mR12
  4. Olé !!! I've been waiting days for this One of the greatest and finest new artist from Spain, mixing old & new, flamenco & urban sounds. Thank you KL trá trá!!!
  5. Didn't knew her but... what a surprise ! Fall in love with this album.
  6. All day waiting for this. Thanks KL. Always deliver !!
  7. Me the same. Dindn´t knew the band. But video single is great.
  8. This is Coheed And Cambria at their best !! Fucking awesome.
  9. My list. 1.- Being As An Ocean - Waiting For Morning To Come 2.- Asking Alexandria -Asking Alexandria 3.- The Used - The Canyon 4.- Brand New - Science Fiction 5.- Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine 6.- LCD Soundsystem - American Dream 7.- PVRIS - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell 8.- Portugal. The Man - Woodstock 9.- Ke$ha - Rainbow 10.- Linkin Park - One More Light
  10. Ooooh so great ! Thanks for this gift KL. Listening to this all day. Merry Christmas, Love & Expensive presents to you !!
  11. Thank you so much FileCrypt for your work !! This comunity appreciate it a lot.
  12. Thank you KL for this. My first listening and I´m totally in.
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