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  1. Heard all of these songs live over a year ago. Love them so much.
  2. Can't wait to hear everything he had in plan for us. RIP Peep
  3. Gotta thank this website for showing me this band. Every single has been rad. I dig it.
  4. Guess I'm the only one who can like everything. Including this.
  5. I went to middle school with the guitarist of this band. Cool to see them on here.
  6. 1. Motionless In White: Graveyard Shift 2. Alpha Wolf: Mono 3. My Ticket Home: UnReal 4. SABELLA: DOG DAZE 5. Ocean Grove: The Rhapsody Tapes 6. Sworn In: All Smiles 7. Lil Peep (RIP): Come Over When You're Sober 8. Oliver Francis: A Million Miles an Hour 9. Ghostemane: Hexada 10. nothing,nowhere.: Reaper EP
  7. This whole album is streaming on metalinjection right now. Anyway we could get zip file??
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