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  1. only 2 songs in and i already know its gonna be my aoty, I've been so looking forward to this
  2. Very looking forward to this album
  3. This is crazy, that breakdown at the end is insane.
  4. Majority of this is actually pretty good. Don't really get all the hate on Yummy, it's probably one of my favs.
  5. ahhhh finally, so excited for this
  6. Fucking finally, been checking this site every day hoping for the album to drop, lets gooo
  7. Bloodlust was pretty different compared to his usual stuff.... Love this, hope he sticks with this style for a little longer.
  8. my man did it again, can't wait for a full album
  9. Shame about Kassim because I loved his voice but this is really good
  10. The singles were fucking great so I'm really excited for this
  11. Imagine being that fucking wrong about something
  12. God this is fucking sick, can't wait for their show here in December
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