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  1. my man did it again, can't wait for a full album
  2. Shame about Kassim because I loved his voice but this is really good
  3. The singles were fucking great so I'm really excited for this
  4. Imagine being that fucking wrong about something
  5. God this is fucking sick, can't wait for their show here in December
  6. Yeah you might be right, but eh, I'm usually not a fan of bands adding cleans after not having any before. Don't have a problem with them if they have always had them.
  7. This would be 10/10 if it wasn't for the cleans. They might grow on me eventually but right now I just really wish there weren't any.
  8. Now this was fucking good. Just a good band with such a cool concept, I love them.
  9. Pretty disappointed by this, a few decent songs but that's about it. Hope they play mostly older stuff on their tour.
  10. Not really a fan of the cleans, maybe (hopefully) they'll grow on me.
  11. This is so fucking good, really happy this album wasn't a disappointment.
  12. Had no idea this was coming and never had a problem with the original, intrigued by this though after all the positive comments.
  13. A little too clean I think, idk, but I fucking love them so I'm still excited as fuck for the rest of the album
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