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  1. I definitely will I like your work a lot, I see a lot of variety, definitely a fan of that.
  2. I've been a concert photographer for a little less than a year and already got to shoot some pretty big bands and I just got a guest list spot + photo pass for the upcoming Never Say Die tour in my city so I just wanted to share that with people because no one I know cares about both photography and this kind of music haha. So if you guys got an instagram or something link it here so I can check it out, im interested! Mine's here:
  3. Oh boy pleaseee dont disappoint
  4. Pretty typical Red song, I do like it though.
  5. Absolute fucking banger, AOTY for me so far.
  6. Very different but I think I like it, definitely want the full album asap
  7. Damn that title fucking baited me, definitely not what I hoped it would be.
  8. This is alright but not really what I want from them
  9. Only listened to these guys for the first time earlier this week and they've been my most played band since then, what great timing.
  10. Only recently found out about them and I'm so glad, they're fucking sick
  11. Didn't have any expectations for this release at all, but it wasn't too bad. Not sure what to think about AJ's screaming yet, I just know there wasn't enough of it in this song.
  12. Watching new Game of Thrones EP and this comes out, I'm literally gonna die from excitement
  13. Damn this is early, thanks. Hope it's good.
  14. Allegations were wrong, go look it up. Also, found out about these and Dealer only like a week ago and I've loved both since then. Need more music like this.
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