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  1. Still don't understand why they haven't gotten a vocalist. It's been years. but whatev
  2. I really didn't like all their old stuff because it sounded so bland and generic. So my question is, is this any better?
  3. I don't even know the names of Shrezzers members so which dudes side project is this?
  4. Wonder how long until an album.
  5. Weirdly enough, does anyone have their Paradise EP from last October? Never saw it posted here.
  6. So someone catch me up here. I only follow Denis' girl on instagram and not him, but why does everyone hate him again? Side note: Does he own any of these bands he pops up in or is he just hired as the singer? He's had more than a few since Make Me Famous.
  7. It's an okay album I guess. I can't understand what the singer is saying majority of the time. Besides that it just sounds like a worse version of Alazka with some Chase Atlantic sax tunes added in.
  8. This album sucks compared to their last two ep's. I'm guessing they lost band members or something because they went super slow and soft on this album.
  9. The Hollow is still their best work. Shit was awesome. Still is.
  10. He ever gonna release a solo album or what? Even issues is taking a while to release another album
  11. Man she's so hot but her music just sucks.
  12. The Illuminati music committee really is showing how much they control this band. I wouldn't be surprised if every member of 5SOS all turned out to be robots or something. For example; Their first album was all time low mixed with plain white t's. Their second album a mix between green day and light my chemical romance with some weezer. Then this album is twenty one pilots, imagine dragons and fall out boy. Like their albums specifically follow a trend of whats popular in the pop rock kind of music scenes. All that being said I don't mind this album. It's better than the last one. Their best is still their first.
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