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  1. Jason finally realized that Jesus can't pay the bills
  2. So, like is there a reason he's dressed like a woman and even has makeup like a woman?
  3. What ever happened to these guys? This album was so good back then
  4. It's been 8 long years and they finally made a good album.
  5. Tbh this record label is giving me Rise Records vibes from back in the day with all the post hardcore / metalcore bands. Guess that's expected since its an subsidiary of Sharptone. Off that label I've found Alazka, Imminence, Novelists, Our Mirage and I think While She Sleeps is on there now. Only one I had on repeat for a while was Alazka But after listening to this album, the cleans and intrumentals are good. Screaming is kind of bleh. I mean, I'm not gonna listen to it on repeat but what I listened to sounds alright. Like an album I'll randomly play while grinding some video game in the near future.
  6. Who is she? Girl in all their album / single covers.
  7. From the singles they've released, they kind of sound average now with the bassist taking over singing duties. He sung before in the past albums but it's weird just hearing him. His voice doesn't have that power that the OG singer had. Shame cause I really liked the last two albums. Anyone know why the singer even left?
  8. I still have this album on my phone! Every now and then when it's on shuffle I'll run into a song off of here and it brings me back to when i had long hair and hair flip city
  9. Does the girl in this have an instagram?
  10. Idk what genre this is even considered but it genuinely scared me
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