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  1. Man she's so hot but her music just sucks.
  2. The Illuminati music committee really is showing how much they control this band. I wouldn't be surprised if every member of 5SOS all turned out to be robots or something. For example; Their first album was all time low mixed with plain white t's. Their second album a mix between green day and light my chemical romance with some weezer. Then this album is twenty one pilots, imagine dragons and fall out boy. Like their albums specifically follow a trend of whats popular in the pop rock kind of music scenes. All that being said I don't mind this album. It's better than the last one. Their best is still their first.
  3. This album gets me depressed too man. It's better than Disambiguation at least but I want more of Aaron and Spencer flipping vocals like they used to. I don't want Sleepwave 2.0. It's not all trash but it's nothing compared to 'Define The Great Line' or 'They're Only Chasing Safety'
  4. Saw these dudes live back on their 'Welcome To The Universe' tour. Was a pretty good show compared to how they are live now. I miss that sound on their first two albums. 'This Is War' was alright and 'Love/Lust/Faith/Dreams' was kind of meh. Now they're just another band that's cashing in on that 'pop-R&B-Hip-Hop-Trap' sound. This album just gets me depressed man.
  5. Yo this album has random skipping throughout the album. Some songs have it and others don't.
  6. Yo like what is up with white people and them black appropriating all their new music. Taylor Swift is the worst when it comes to this and now Fall Out Boy is doing it too. Like nigga. Just stop. Please. Anyway album sucks. Only like Stay Frosty, Wilson, Bishops and the best song on the album which is The Last Of The Real Ones
  7. So why are there two "Bang Bang" songs? Whats the difference?
  8. so that one track is still missing just fyi
  9. Their best album, to me, always will be "In Love And Death". A family member of mine died back then and that album along with "They're Only Chasing Safety" and "Sing The Sorrow" held me together man.
  10. This shit pisses me off man. You have new pop punk bands come out all the time and yet all the ones that are getting the most attention all end up sounding the same. At least be inventive with your sound and not just plagiarize other bands. The music in here is ripped straight from 5sos and 5sos straight ripped from all time low. The album artwork is even reminiscent of all time low's nothing personal. Just changed the beige color to black but left the same font
  11. The fuck is this shit? I don't even want to put this album in my phone for fear of catching something
  12. At least she became more attractive
  13. To be honest, IMO, this is the best album they've released. I love it front to back. Don't mind the interludes and I never listen to singles before an album drops so I heard all of these songs as new when the album released. It seems to be more of a concept album than anything though. There's definitely a story in every song and one big story that runs through the whole album. Kind of reminds me of when BMTH changed their sound to be more soft.
  14. Man this is like nuclear winter bad. She needs to stop and just go back to making real music again.