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  1. From the singles they've released, they kind of sound average now with the bassist taking over singing duties. He sung before in the past albums but it's weird just hearing him. His voice doesn't have that power that the OG singer had. Shame cause I really liked the last two albums. Anyone know why the singer even left?
  2. I still have this album on my phone! Every now and then when it's on shuffle I'll run into a song off of here and it brings me back to when i had long hair and hair flip city
  3. Does the girl in this have an instagram?
  4. Idk what genre this is even considered but it genuinely scared me
  5. So, I haven't looked into it much but what does Michael Bohn do in this band? Obviously he's not vocals.
  6. Wonder when they'll release a new album. It's been like 2 years since the last one
  7. I remember back when almost all of the metalcore/post-hardcore scene sounded like this
  8. Tbh I thought their EP and covers sucked. Then their album came out and it sounded like everything else but with Skillet's vocalists but I still thought it was alright. I liked the more softer songs. So when this album dropped, I found out it had a lot of softer stuff. Clean singer's vocals have definitely got better, not so raspy anymore and sounds like he can hit highs now. I definitely prefer this album over the last one. But again some songs just suck. Like half of the album sucks. Bow Down, Gasoline and Dead Weight seem to be the only heavy songs but I don't like Gasoline and Bow Down and Dead Weight only have good chorus'. Only songs I genuinely like are Every Time You Leave, Hurricane, Let Me Be Sad & I Don't Belong Here.
  9. Anyone know who the girl on the album cover is? Gotta follow her on instagram
  10. Hot take here, his solo stuff is better than BVB
  11. Still don't understand why they haven't gotten a vocalist. It's been years. but whatev
  12. I really didn't like all their old stuff because it sounded so bland and generic. So my question is, is this any better?
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