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  1. yes! im working on it as we speak. might be up in about a week! thanks man! appreciate it a lot!
  2. Thanks so much! I am actually a solo artist. I do everything myself.
  3. Much appreciated! Been learning as much as I can in my spare time!
  4. pretty solid release. I just got my copy in the mail too, right when I was about to download it lol.
  5. really digging the new album. Call Me Anti-Social has a vibe like Hold My Hand
  6. I use: Drums - programmed through FPC on FL Studio Guitar - ESP LTD-1000 w/ a Digitech RP155 Modeling Processor VOX - Roland Tri-Capture w/ an Audio Technica AT2020 I see what you mean. As much as I would want to do all of this, I am on a tight budget while being in school and I would not wish to get as serious as getting tons of equipment. I really only have the bare minimum for recording, which is all I can afford at the moment. But thanks for the feedback! I understand what you mean as far as factoring in where I record and what the environment is like. Unfortunately, I share this room and it was more of me just casually using it to record. I did not factor any sense into it, more just I want to make music and see what comes of it before I end up too busy to do these things.
  7. I feel like WSTR would be a hit if they were on Warped Tour.
  8. I was wondering if anyone who produces music can give me some opinions on how to improve my mix. I am self-taught and have been playing music for the past 8 years. I recently started getting into music production over the past couple of years, but I have been on and off with it due to school. I have been recording as a hobby while on break from school. I re-edited Interstate from the EP in the post and I want to know if my mix is improving? I really want to know how to get a solid mix, but without having to get it professionally done. Like I said, this is just a hobby for myself. I have no intentions of trying to get things mastered or produced by an actual engineer, but I just want to learn more about the basics of production and how I can get a decent mix on my own. Interstate (new mix):
  9. Yeah, similar to when they released Fences/Gold Rush on the split with Neck Deep
  10. I like this album a lot. Besides the singles, I'd definitely recommend Eastbound & Down and Penultimate!
  11. All downloads are FREE! FFO: Neck Deep, WSTR, ROAM, etc.

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