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  1. Thanks for this.. does anyone have the actual concert video?
  2. Lmao wtf? I was all hyped because it seemed like the album was dropping today
  3. Thanks for this! looking forward to checking it out
  4. Thanks for this, after hearing her with Bad Wolves I'm curious to see what she sounds solo
  5. Sic! Thanks for this (P.s) The audio version of this the links give me a 404 error on both of them
  6. I myself have only ever used Zippy, but if there's better out there I'm willing to try.
  7. Sick! Was wondering if today would be the day 😏, thanks for this!
  8. It's alright, I miss the old 5FDP. Must be from all the melt downs Ivan has had. Still a 5FDP Supporter for life though
  9. This album is amazing! Very impressed. glad they stuck to their original sound.
  10. Thanks for the share! Gonna check this one out
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